Paradise City – Youp Schmit in Bonaire

Check out the latest clip featuring Youp Schmit in Bonaire.

At only 18, Youp’s name is already well engraved in the history of windsurfing, in part, thanks to his unique explosive yet flowing style, his charismatic personality and his multiple world youth freestyle titles.

Raised on a small Caribbean island called Bonaire, known today to be amongst the most competitive in the world, this island gave birth to a multitude of windsurfing legends such as Tonky Frans, Taty Frans and Kiri Thode.

But Youp, who remained as a silent follower is now clearly forging his own path into the spotlight. One year ago he came up with his own clothing label, HeyYoup (

He will inspire a whole generation of windsurfers if he remains on track.

Paradise City is a short film and gives you an inside view of Youp’s training grounds. The idea was to show this island paradise from a different perspective then its already famous perfect flat waters. It is time to show the diversity the island offers. One of our crew, Markus, already began filming in January and went with Youp to a few secret places. Later, in May/June, Oli also passed by and took some shots to finish the film.


Oda Johanne – Fuerteventura

Check out the Norwegian female freestyle power house Oda Johanne in Fuerteventura.

Jacob Lindqvist – Vassiliki 2013

19 year old Swedish freestyle sailor Jacob Lindqvist has been in Vassiliki, Greece working on his freestyle over the summer, and put together this sick clip.

Who is F.I.-999 ? – 3.0 Chasing Waves 2013

Check out this nice Windsurfing movie by the 23 year old Italian wave rider Federico Infantino Ita-999, as he rides amazing waves in Hawaii and Canary Islands !

Starring : Federico Infantino Ita-999
Filming : Elisa Mariani & Marco Laura
Editing : Marco Zano

Nick van Ingen – New Gear Special

Nick van Ingen takes his brand new, 2014 Fanatic and NorthSails gear for a ride!

This is a Story about a Beach Man

Brain ‘De Action Man’ Talma, also know as the ‘Irie Man’, is definitely a vivid personality in windsurfing. Check out this amazing documentary on the Action Man, from growing up in Barbados to devoting his life to the Beach lifestyle focusing around windsurfing.

The documentary and Brian himself are a great inspiration to follow your dreams, and work hard!

Moves – Gollito’s Cheese Roll

Gollito Estredo’s version of a Cheese Roll, filmed during this years Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival. Pretty tweaked and stylish! We’re not sure to call this a wave move or a freestyle move, or a freestyle wave move… what do you think?

Moves – Kabikuchi by Adrien Bosson

Check out Adrien Bosson’s Kabikuchi during the last weeks Windmeet in Gruissan, August 24-25, 2013.

Moves – The KAINO by Kai Lenny

Check out the Kaino from Kai Lenny, Its basically a Kono taken to the surf, the clip is from 2009 and was part of ‘The Windsurfing Movie II’. Here’s what Kai had to say recently,

One of my favorite moves to do windsurfing! I call it the Kaino. Its basically a Kono taken to the surf, my dream for this trick is to do it on a big wave this winter!

We’ll be watching for it Kai!

Camille Juban Sets a World Record!

Camille Juban has set the world record for the longest wave ride ever!

“On Monday 19th August 2013 at 16h24min, Camille JUBAN realise the record of the world of the longest duration surfing a wave – windsurfed with a time of 07min and 03sec on the mythic wave of Chicama Peru.

“The American Windsurf Tour 2012 champion, currently leader of the AWT 2013 and his young brother Tom JUBAN attempt the fight for the GUINESS WORLD RECORD before to participate at the competition Pacasmayo Classic 2013.”

We definitely want to check out Peru now!

Camille Juban wins Pacasmayo Classic

Camille Juban wins the American Windsurfing Tour Pacasmayo Classic 2013 PRO division. Congratulations!

More details to come!

AWT Pacasamayo Classic Pro Heats

Watch the action from the AWT Pacasmayo Classic Pro heats, with long head high waves it was another amazing contest eventually won by Camile Juban!

Jurassic Park

Jamie Hancock put this amazing clip together featuring himself, Timo Mullen and Jack Hunt on the South Coast of England.

The south of England is famous for its ‘Jurassic Coast.’ It stretches for over 90 miles consisting of stunning coastline. Kimmeridge picks up some of the most swell for the south coast and makes for an amazing playground for both windsurfing and surfing. It also has the benefit that no kitesurfers can come ruin everyone’s days there with the rugged coastline.

This was filmed over 3 separate days and really is one of my favourite spots in the UK, and the closest reef break to my home. The last day had easterly winds with a windchill of about 2-3 degrees, fresh off the plane from South Africa I foolishly opted for no gloves or boots resulting in what felt like 2 blocks of ice for feet and the most insane hot hands to date. Still, perfect waves and well worth it.

Filmed: Rebecca Ashton
Location: Dorset, England
Date: 2012 / Easter Weekend 2013
Artist: The Drums
Track: ‘Days’
Edited: Jamie Hancock

“Dont Let Go” – Peru Special

‘Don’t Let Go’ is a full length documentary featuring Boujmaa Guilloul, Robby Swift, Flo Jung and more, as they travel to ten different countries capturing all aspects of being a pro windsurfer. From travelling to remote destinations, riding the biggest waves, competing on the world tour, suffering serious injuries and fighting hard to come back.

Brought to us in this clip is a sneak peak at the Peru section, and definitely makes us want to check out the full movie!

Full movie now available on itunes:

Aloha Andre !

A nice clip dedicated to the late Andre Paskowski.