Journals of an Endless Summer – Episode 2

Arrianne Aukes, Oda Johanne and Maeli Cherel are back with there second episode of “Journals of an Endless Summer.” Check out some great action from Bonaire as the girls get ready for the coming PWA season.

Oda Johanne recent Bonaire action

The very talented female freestyer Oda Johanne brings us this great clip form her recent action in Bonaire. Enjoy

Müller bros enjoy spring in Leucate

Balz Müller and his tribe of brothers go full at it for freestyle. Check out there latest clip as they attack leucate this spring.

Under The Bridge

Adam Sims brings us this short clip from freestyle spot know as the ‘The Bridge’ located on the river Wien in Vienna.

IMAGINARIUM Ft. Max Matissek

Max Matissek’s new video is here! Check out “Imaginarium” for some sick windsurfing and amazing views. Enjoy!

We all dream. Sometimes less sometimes more. Everybody knows the feeling of sitting in bed just after opening the eyes and wondering if you are in the real world or another dimension right now.

IMAGINARIUM gives you an inside view of the mind of professional windsurfer Max Matissek and pictures some of the imaginations he had during his Cape Town stay in February 2014. Beautiful girls, raining cacao, colorful creatures, fireworks and double loops are just a few of the things that are in his brain during warm South African nights.

Join him on his journey through his wonderland imagination aquarium playground.

Gollito Estredo Training in El Yaque

Gollito Estredo showing why he is one of the Kings of freestyle. Training in El Yaque Gollito is throwing some monster moves.

Journals of an Endless Summer – Episode 1

3 blondes, who can rip harder then a lot of guys, in a freestyle paradise. Maeli Cherel, Oda Johanne, and Arrianne Aukes release their first episode of an “Journals of an Endless Summer”.

Cape Hatteras 2014 – Mike Burns

Long Island, New York rider Mike Burns on his annual trip to Cape Hatteras.

Team Windjeri – Episode 1 – From Brazil to Venezuela

This season Hugo de Sousa and Loïck Spicher traveled together from Brazil to Venezuela. Check out their video clip with tons of sick freestyle windsurfing action.

also featuring Gollito Estredo, Edvan de Sousa and Philip Soltysiak.

Check back soon for another Episode featuring Venezuela.

One Evening in Eilat

Adam Gavriel shares an evening freestyle session that took place near the end of 2013 at his homespot Eilat, Israel.

Kings of the puddle

Check out some of the Worlds top freestyle windsurfers in this clip “Kings of the Puddle. Featuring Philip Soltysiak, Gollito Estredo and Hugo de Souza near El Yaque.

Moves – Burner Puñeta – Romain Pinocheau

Check out this burner Puneta from Romain Pinocheau.

Dieter Van der Eyken – Fuerteventura 2014

Check out some amazing freestyle from Belgin Rider Dieter Vander Eyken.

Mangroove Juice

Team Slowride brings us this freestyle clip from Bonaire, featuring Estonian rider Tony Mõttus.

Curaboys Freestying in Bonaire 2014

Check out this new clip of the Curraco crew training in Bonaire and ripping it up with the local pros.