Jamie Drummond Joins No Proof No Glory

Freestyle windsurfer Jamie Drummond has joined with Watersports World as there Muvi camera representive for windsurfing.

Eleazar Alonso Joins Gaastra/Tabou

Spanish wavesailor Eleazar Alonso has joined The Gaastra and Tabou team for the upcoming season.

Adam Sims Signs to NEFF

Adam Sims signs to well know California based headwear  company Neff.  Neff is well know in the US particularly int he Snowboard industry and is working on making inroads into the watersports sector and the UK market, where Sims is based.

Here is what Adam Sims had to say:

“I’m stoked to sign to Neff, I already loved the gear so it really is awesome to be using it. Not so well known in the water-sports world and less so in the UK, my main focus is to bring it to these peoples attention. The UK team are currently working on a new website which will be launched soon from what I gather and will contain all the stock, in the meantime here are the current collections –www.neffheadwear.com

Gear – Gaastra Releases Competition Booms

Sail and rig component manufacture Gaastra has stepped up to the plate with what they call the “ultimate competition boom”. They have 2 sizes for wave and freestyle, along with 3 race sizes each having monocoque one piece carbon tail pieces. All of which became available to the public today.

The Outline curves are optimized based on target sail sizes and the back ends come with different widths for each boom length making for a perfectly integrated rig. The Race back ends comes with a built in pulley system for adjustable outhauls.

Oversized front and tail sections for increased stiffness, reduced diameter in the grip area for increased comfort and ergonomics. A textured grip section in the grip area increases the traction. A stiff mast cup for direct force transmission between the boom and mast makes the connection rock solid. A long closing lever for easy opening and closure while rigging.

The new high tech Gaastra front end is built out of reinforced Plastic for more stiffness, better power load for more performance and lighter weight for better handling.

The new monocoque arms and back ends are built out of the best 100% Carbon quality composite technology. The all new Gaastra molds are produced under extreme heat and pressure to reach the highest level of carbon composite quality.

Julien Mas moves to Sailloft

Top French Freestyle Windsurf Julien Mas has left Hot Sails Maui and joined with German brand Sailloft. Othernotiable names on the Sailloft team are Adrian Beholz, Adam Sims and Mathias Genkel. At the moment the 32 year old Julien is training in the warm waters of Aruba, check out this clip.

Roberto “Clinic” Hofmann joins Starboard

Roberto Hofmann is a strong voice for windsurfing, teaching hundreds of new and upcoming talens each year, but also commenting to the hundreds of thousands of fans as he hits the road with the PWA every year.  He competed on the Professional Windsurfing Tour between 1990 and 1995, so racings in his DNA, and in 2012 won several important races in Italy and the IFCA Slalom Worldchampionship in the G-Master category.

Read more about Roberto over on star-board.com

Kaite McAnena Joins Hot Sails

Hot Sails Maui continues to grow there team.  and recently announced the signing of Irish ripper Katie McAnena to the international team.  In the last year she’s been all over with appearances in the AWT, BWA, IWA and PWA tours.

More about Katie at the Hot Sails Maui Blog.


Yarden Meir Joins Loft Sails

The Loft Sails are happy to announce that Israeli freestyle expert Yarden Meir joins our international team for 2013!

Yarden was ranked 11th PWA in 2011 after 6 events that year, but last year he was not able tocompete due to an injury that kept him out of the competition season. He is back in 2013 with Loftsails, and targets the podiums on the PWA. Yarden is currently training in Vietnam for 2 months and preparing a new action movie.

Best of luck to Yarden in the 2013 season !

Steve Thorp joins Hot Sails Maui

Hot Sails Maui is pleased to announce thatUk speed sailor, wave sailor and fin designer Steve Thorp has signed with them. Steve who is one of a handful of people to sail at over 50 knots will be working closely with designer Tom Hammerton and team mate Martyn Ogier as they all prepare for a mission to Luderitz 2013.

Steve joins a growing team of talented riders at Hot Sails Maui as the brand continues to develop and move into new markets.

RIP Andy ‘Buzz’ Buchanan

News passes around the windsurfing community of another tragic death this month.   Andy ‘Buzz’ Buchanan lost his battle with cancer on Tuesday 29th January.  Andy Buchanan served as the PWA Press Officer from 2008 through till 2009 when he was first diagnosed with cancer at the age of 27.  Andy remained very much one of the team and paid frequent visits to the crew at events over the following years.

Andy brought  passion to windsurfing and his life as a whole which was obvious in his work. Never one to back away from a
challenge – never mind how ridiculous and never mind how small the chance of success – Andy brought entertainment to many through his writing and his own activities. – PWAWordlTour.com

Rest in Peach Andy Buchanan.




Another update from Fanatic on sponsorship and the Business side.

Today Fanatic announced that Daniel Aeberli, previously Brand Manager/Shaper at F2, will join our Fanatic Team as International Product Manager. Daniel will start his new job February 1st.

“I have known Dani since many years, he has provided us with some great Choco Fins for a number of our Fanatic board models. Dani brings a wealth of experience with him in both Product Development and Marketing. He will be a perfect addition to our team, supporting both Sebastian Wenzel, Juergen May and myself in the Product Development department. As well as being a great brand ambassador at events and connecting with our Pro Team, to develop the best products out there. We are really excited to get Dani started, we will be keeping him very busy in future!” – Craig Gertenbach, Fanatic Brand Manager

“What a great change! I am more than happy to join the Fanatic team. I always knew if I would ever change to another brand, that I would want people around me who live 100% for our great sport. Craig Gertenbach and Sebastian Wenzel are in the industry since many years and have so much experience to share. They both started their careers as racers and made their way to the top at a brand like Fanatic, one of the strongest brands in Windsurfing and Stand Up Paddling. I believe I proved at F2 over the last years that I have high quality design skills, as well as good organisational and marketing talents. And now I will have this amazing chance to join this already powerful team to develop even better products for Fanatic. I am more motivated than ever, looking forward to a great future to push my love of windsurfing to the next level.” – Daniel Aeberli