Photo Friday – Maui Centric

Maui is the epicenter of windsurfing, with Ho’okipa and Jaws going off we’ve got quite a few shots this week from Ho’okipa, including Graham Ezzy going hands free. But there’s also a good handful from around the World, enjoy!

All the pics are after the jump.
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Photo Friday February 8th 2013

We bring you some of the best shots of the last week and a few older ones. Enjoy! Sorry we missed a lot of great shots from Ho’okipa.

Jaws Aloha February – Gallery

The boys in Maui are glad that January is history! And February came in pretty epic with many riders getting out at Jaws. Jimmie Hepp was there to capture the action of Marcilio Browne, Kauli Seadi, Graham Ezzy and More. Check out the the full gallery of Jaws from Jimmie Hepp on facebook with over 160 photos.

We open the gallery with a insane sequence of a backloop by Marcilio Browne.
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Photo Firday – Around The World

A selection of shots from around the World for this week. The best photos of the week come from the Red Bull Storm Chase in Ireland, check out that gellery here.
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Red Bull Storm Chase Ireland Hi-Res Gallery

Mission 1 of The Red Bull Storm chase is done! The These six competitors to move on are: Thomas Traversa, Marcilio Browne, Robby Swift, Julien Taboulet, Victor Fernandez and Dany Bruch. You can read the full report here, but it’s all about the insane action. Check out this Hi-Res gallery from Mission 1 of The Red Bull Storm Chase in Brandon Bay Ireladn
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Photo Friday – So Much Awesome!

It was hard to pick a cover photo for this week.  We’ve got Robby Naish’s signature style at Ho’okipa, and Graham Ezzy who gave an amazing show also at Ho’okipa, but the one photo of Levi Siver stood out!
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Photo Friday – Epic in La Ventana

Lots of great shots for this week, but the winners are definitely the boys from Pro-Windsurf La Ventana including Wyatt Miller, Tyson Poor and Casey Hauser.

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Photo Friday – The Motherload

We’ve got a big selection of Photos for you from all over this week!  There were so many good choices for a cover photo, like Ricardo’s wipe, Tatiana Howard looking very sexy, or some great pics from Down Under!
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Photo Friday – Featuring Albert Pijoan in Cape Town

A little bit from everywhere this week.  Marcilio Browne is back on Maui and Jimmie Hepp caught him out nearly alone at Lanes on some big Nasty Waves.  And a nice feature of Albert Pijoan a Pozo local who is training over the winter in Cape Town South Africa shot by Jose Pina.

Complete Gallery after the jump.
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Hookipa Photo Show

The season in Hookipa has started off with a bang! The big boys have been out ripping and Jimmie Hepp, has been out there capturing all the awesome action to share with all of us, enjoy!
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Photo Spread Pozo Worldcup 2012

Our favourite photos of the action at the action at the 2012 PWA Pozo Worldcup. If you missed the action you can read a full report of Day 5 here, or check out the final day 5 video here.  All the photo credit belogs to Jose Piña.  Continue reading for all 21 pics!
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Can you find him ?

Location – Margaret River, Australia
Rider – Alastair McLeod
Photo – Col Leonhardt,

Windsurfing and the Olympics

I had to steal this awesome pic from Josh Sampieros facebook group post in Appeal against kite surfing in the Olympics put windsurfing back in!  However true it is, I would still like to see windsurfing as an Olympic disciple.  So please head over and sign the petition ISAF: Keep Windsurfing as Olympic Discipline.

I Windsurf Because…

I windsurf because… by Graham ezzy with several submission from face book, and in the comments.