Tourists of The Sea – Episode Two – Punta San Carlos

Surgical Strike featuring Kevin Pritchard and Graham Ezzy

The latest episode of Tourists of the Sea featuring Kevin Pritchard and Graham Ezzy is here! This time they hit up Punta San Carlos for a perfect setup!

I had just booked my ticket to go to Park City to visit my girlfriend when I happened to check the forecast for Tahiti and saw an 18 second interval pop into the forecast window. With the south swells you can get a pretty good idea at least a week in advance, so I saw this massive swell coming. I talked with “Mr. Baja” Brian Caserio and said looks like there is another swell hitting, you want to go. We both grimaced at the thought of organizing, preparing and rearranging our schedules. The desire to get one of the big south swells, made us excited and craving to man up for the adventure. I called up Graham Ezzy and he started looking into it as well.

We kept tossing the idea around over the Santa Cruz AWT event, going back and forth, if we can do it, what is our time frame, how is the swell going to hit and so on. I had just won the single elimination and was pretty happy with that so I was like lets do it. It was a mission. My ticket to Park City was non refundable. So I might as well go see my girlfriend for one day. Hoped on the plane, said hi on Tuesday, then back on the plane on Wednesday, Brian picked me up at LAX, drove to San Diego, slept and hit the road at 5am. Some lack of sleep, some anxiety, and some hints of south swell along the drive, made the drive seem to fly by. Graham had to hook up with another way down as we were full in Brian’s Tundra. We didn’t see them on the road or when we arrived so, they had to be behind us. We arrived to Punta San Carlos to mast high waves and 4.2 wind. It was blasting. One problem, I didn’t bring my 4.2. Shoot. Well lucky for me, the guys at SoloSports carry the new Ezzy Elite sails, and bam I was out on the water. Fully overpowered, mast high, insane conditions. This is just what the doctor ordered. Wave after wave, it was insane.

Growing up in Southern California, Baja is where my brother and I learned to windsurf in the waves. It is the best spot in the world in my opinion to learn to wave sail. This was it, this is what we had dreamed of all our lives, wind, waves, and the biggest south swell of the summer hitting Baja. I had waited 20 years, I know that dates me, but I really had waited 20 years to get this place like with the waves like we had. It sounds cliche but it was a dream come true. I mean for the last 15 years of my professional career, to be able to take time to jet down for a swell when you are competing on the PWA world tour, is pretty tough to pull off. The worlds aligned, it came together and for the next three days, we had all we could handle. Wave after wave, set after set, it was just awesome. I am still glowing from the trip and can’t wait for the next surgical strike.
~ Kevin Pritchard

A Maui Nerd Production
Camera: Kevin Pritchard // Brian Caserio // Graham Ezzy
Graphics & Editing: Johannes Neumann
Supported by: Ezzy Sails // Dakine // “You just don’t know, until you go!”

Watch Epsiode One Here


This summer Max Brinnich and René Widmann were searching for something different. Sri Lanka promised good conditions and lonely spots – so they went for the adventure! But pictures probably tell more then thousands of words….

Punta San Carlos 2013

A very cool clip from SoloSports Adventure Holidays at Punta San Carlos, Baja by Johan Piculell. Great action, cool time lapses, check it out to get a feel for what Punta San Carlos has to offer.

Save Access To Kanaha for windsurfers

Kanaha Beach is one of the Worlds most popular windsurfing beaches, perfect for beginners to pro sailors. However it is now in danger of being closed to windsurfers.

Sign the petition to help keep it open.

State DOBOR is considering enforcing a 25 year old rule that would block the current access for most water users from over 3000 feet of Kanaha beach shoreline.

The current level of access has been enjoyed by generations of surfers, windsurf, kayak, outrigger canoe, standup, fishermen, and divers. The current arrangement has been accepted by the community for 25 years. There was a good balance that made sense with different areas designated to their most suitable uses. The Old rule that was intended to create exclusive swim zones located close to the lifeguard tower, and the current swim zone (marked by buoys) has been used and respected for two and a half decades. Also several years ago the lifeguard tower was moved and since then the life guards themselves have set up a new swim zone, adjacent to the camp ground, right next to the new tower. This arrangement also works very well, but this new swim zone would also be lost if the old rules aren’t changed. If this happens access will be blocked for a huge part of the shoreline and most of the user groups will be displaced. This will lead to overcrowding and potential problems in the remaining areas. We want the DOBOR to change the outdated rules to reflect the current use, and officially recognize the new swim zone as well. Please help protect ocean access for all water sports users at Kanaha Beach.

Sign the petition to help keep it open.

Marshall Island Windsurfing Exploration

The trip of a lifetime.

Kevin Pritchard had been bugging Keith Teboul about going to the Marshall Islands for some windsurfing and some good times. Finally a message came, “Marshalls are going to be good on Thursday, flight leaves tomorrow, bring your camera, your windsurfer, and plenty of sunscreen. You in?” said Keith.

Well let Kevin’s Story tell the rest:

Excited like a kid on Christmas, I booked my flights, bought some sunscreen and we were off. I think the images speak for themselves. The beauty of the Marshall Islands is amazing. While this video only shows hard core waves, it seems funny to say, but the thought of freeriding around this place had me pretty fired up. I would say this is the most beautiful place I have been on Earth. 4 Million frequent flyer miles, 27 countries, never have I seen a place like it.

Marcilio Browne and Bernd Roediger came along with Keith and I and the trip was a blast. Brawzinho was insane to watch as you will soon see, with some nasty wipeouts. Bernd was even more impressive as he had stayed there for 6 weeks and was really starting to let loose when he was getting barreled by the sea monster and came up with a broken back and some serious time off the water, only allowing us to get a couple clips of him ripping it up.

Keith organizes some amazing trips together with Martin Daly @ It is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The water, the beauty, just incredible. Hope you enjoy the clip.

Enjoy the clip, and the Marshal Islands are a place to add to the bucket list of windsurfing destinations!

San Blas Islands

Camile Juban, Yann Rifflet and Leysa Perotti travel to San Blas a ‘lost’ archipelago of Panama on an epic boat trip. The video is French language, but some of the images are stunning.


Diony Guadaginino travels to Peru for the Pacasmayo Classic and to explore the beautiful coast line, full of endless waves, beaches, and the longest break in the World.

I would even do Ballet, if it was Windsurfing – A Roadtrip

Austrian freestyler Max Brinnich decided to escape the cold winter at home in his f*cked up van, and headed south. His video is done, check it out.

“I just wanted to windsurf” – Max

Windsurf Australia – The Movie

Follow a group of windsurfers as they travel around Western Australia looking for the best wind and waves at all the best locations during the summer of 2012/2013, featuring Peter Volwater, Ben Proffitt, Justyna Sniady, Laure Treboux, Chris Lockwood, Ben Newson, Al McCleod and more. Filmed from September 2012 to March 2013, this film is what a typical Australian summer is like.

This video is epic, with stunning heli shots, you’ve got to watch it!

Francisco Goya in Peru

Fransico Goya shares his experience in Peru, from the friendly people to the longest wave in the World. Pacasmayo located on the norther coast of Peru is known for it nostalgic beach feel, warm climate and being home to one of the longest waves in the World. Peruvian Wave is now open, and is the first dedicated travel agency for windsurfers wanting to experience this awesome wave. Peruvian Wave is also home to an Official Goya Test Center.

Find out more at

WITU Jeri Spotguide – Episode 4 – “Praia de Malhada”

The fourth and final episode of Jeri Spot guide frmm ‘Windsurfing into the Unknown’ is here. Michael Rossmeire, and Philip Soltsiak spet the fall of 2012 exploring the World Famous windsurfing spot f Jericoacoara, Brazil.

In this Episode we feature wave sailing at Praia de Malhada, a side-onshore wave spot just upwind of Club Ventos in Jericoacoara. The conditions are the best there at mid-tide. If it is your first time there make sure to check out the spot at low-tide so you are aware of where to watch out for rocks. The spot is not particularly dangerous, but it is also not a beginner spot.

Jericoacoara Spotguide – Episode 2 – Wave sailing at “The Flag”

In the fall of 2012, Windsurfing Into the Unknown explored around the famous windsurfing and tourist town of Jericoacoara, Brazil, to see what kind of windsurfing spots they can find. They created a 4 episode series showcasing good spots to windsurf that are accessible from Jericoacoara.

In this episode Windsurfing into the Unknow featuring wave sailing at “The Flag”, the main spot in Jeri. A great place to learn and improve your wave sailing, with a nice wind angle, sandy bottom, gentle waves, warm water and a great atmosphere.

Our mission is to discover and explore the world’s coastlines, learn with and through local cultures with an open mind, and respect for the natural environment, guided by our passion and addiction to nature’s elements of wind and water. – Windsurfing into the Unknown

Lagoa Azul & Paraiso
Praia de Malhada
The Flag

Michael Rossmeier (Austria)
Philip Soltysiak (Canada)

FB page:

Davy Scheffers ON THE ROAD- Croatia

Short clip from Davy visiting Adriatic sea… we checked some spots and filmed on very popular early morning spot in the north of Croatia… Waking up 3AM, driving one and a half hour to the spot… rigging up in dark and hitting the water half an hour before the sun rises… The colors… the picture you get that moment on the water is priceless… There is not a lot of action as Davy “kissed” the boom and we had to drive to the hospital nearby to stitch him up 😛 … bad luck but still we had nice conditions and a looooot of fun! Check it out …

Kenya – Windsurfing Into the Unknown 2012 [MOVIE]

n early 2012, Windsurfing Into the Unknown set out to discover Kenya’s picturesque coastline and wild safaris as a windsurfing destination.
Many of you may have already seen photos and stories from the journey in magazines and now the full movie from the trip is complete and ready for you to watch. All the footage is from Kenya’s coastline, both north and south of Mombasa, and inland from Tsavo East National Park, and all music is by Kenyan artists.

Featuring Michael Rossmeier and Phil Soltysiak

Travel: Kingfisher Resort The Philippines

The Kingfisher wave spot located in the North of Luzon Island in the Philippines is one of the best wave sailing spots in the world. We have recently discovered its potential for wind sports and have kept it secret for a while. Now we have the infrastructure ready to accommodate travelers and offer them a perfect windsurfing and/or kiteboarding vacation. The Kingfisher Resort is located in front of the surf spot and the new Neil Pryde and Cabrinha Test Center is there to make sure everyone has the right gear available for the conditions.

This is video is brought to you by Fabrice Beaux. They had tons of good days last year and many pro riders stoped by, Boujama Gilloul and Miho Tanaka were loving it.

Check back for a travel feature in the future. For more information on the Kingfisher Resort and our Center please visit