2014 MauiSails Range in Action

Check out this teaser of the 2014 MauiSails rang in action.

Andy McKinney Reviews the RRD FireWave

Andy McKinney of Wind-NC reviews the 2014 RRD FireWave.

North Warp F2014

The 2014 North Sails Warp F2014 racing sail is here.

Gear – Gun Sails BLOW 2014

Florian Jung shows us the 2014 Gun Sails Blow, the 4 battern compact wave sail.

  • Reduced weight 4 batten wave sail
  • Short compact outline for more control and radical maneuvers
  • Offset clew: Two asymmetrically set clew eyelets for individual trim
  • 100% x-ply construction for maximum demands
  • Completely compatible with SDM and RDM

Gun Sails Photoshooting Maui 2014

Enjoy the video from the 2014 GunSails photoshoot on Maui.

Soul. Wave Ft. Fernandez

Victor Fernandez shows off the NorthSails Soul.Wave designed for light wind wave riding. Last month he hit up Maui and Chile show off what it can do, saying, “{it was] powerfull and controlable, [it] allowed me to sail marginal wind conditions, I am very impressed.”

Gear – Gun Sails Peak 2014

Gun Sails Peak 2014, a brand new allround wave sail, presenting 4 to 5 battens.

Kauli’s KS3 Evolution

Some insane wave action from former PWA World Champion Kauli Seadi on the new Hot Sails Maui 3-batten wave sail the KS3.

Gear – Streamlined Boom and Extension

Dave Dominy owner of Streamlined Windsurfing walks you through there new boom and extension.

2014 MauiSails Wave & Freestyle range

The 2014 Mauisails Wave and Freestyle range has arrived, with this to say, “Another year of our passionate daily ritual to the wind and surf of Maui’s North shore has led to continued refinement of MauiSails state of the art… ”

Check out the clip.

2014 Naish Windsurfing Collection

The 2014 Naish product line is here, and here is what Naish has to say about it:

An uncompromising declaration of individuality.

Our 2014 windsurfing range blends forward thinking technologies and modern engineering with tradition and heritage. The result is that each of our boards and sails have an appearance and feel that are instantly recognizable and uniquely Naish, where high performance meets outstanding everyday practicality.

Naish…far from ordinary

Visit naishsails.com for more details.

Thruster Set Up with Keith Taboul

Maui Fin Company bring us this great inforamitive clip. Keith Teboul explains you how to set up your thruster board. On multifins board the fin positions is critical to achieve best performances. Action from Keith Teboul and Levi Siver.

F2 Axxis – 2 Boards in One

Is it’s a freeride board or a freewave board? It’s both! Check out this full length video from F2 walking you through the design and function of this new innovation.

2014 NeilPryde Sail Collection

Introducing the 2014 NeilPryde sail range. With 14 sails in the range they offer a complete lineup for what ever you style is! Here’s the press release from NeilPryde, we’ll bring you a complete run down on the lineup soon!

Every day we set out to build sails that are better than any that have come before them. We evolve, tinker, test, question without compromise. In the end, we inevitably end up with something that is bigger than the sum of its parts. A NeilPryde feeling – where you just know when it’s right.

Introducing the 2014 range, the next step in our journey to sailing perfection. We took the Forceline Panel idea from 2013 and evolved it into something bigger and better – a full sail concept where loads are dynamically controlled using advanced materials that do away with unnecessary panels and seams. The 2014 sails are built for one thing and one thing only – performance.

Variable density yarns built into the materials allowed us to follow loads and reinforce the sail where it needs it most. Segmented luff panels in freeride sails follow loads to support significant downhaul tensions. On wave sails, the fully integrated Forceline Frame radiates from tack to clew and follows the leech into the head, holding the sail’s shape and creating a shield that can support the high loads experienced in these areas.

We call it precision crafted performance.

Dear water, apologies in advance.

2014 Gaastra Wave and Freestyle Range

The 2014 Gaastra wave and freestyle range is now here, with 5 new sails. The Manic, Poision and Iq make up the 3 wave sails for all around, power, and new school wave respectively. The Pure for dedicated freestyle and the Cross, a crossover sail complete the lineup.

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