Tabou Gaastra at the 2013 Aloha Classic

The Gaastra and Tabou Windsurfing team including Alex Mussolini, Thomas Traversa and team manager Matt Pritchard charged at the 2013 JP Aloha Classic. At the end of the event and end of the PWA season two team riders Alex Mussolini and Thomas Traversa both finished in the top four of the 2013 PWA rankings.

King of the Wesh 2013

Sliders, Rails, and Ramps, thats what the King of the Wesh is about. Hosted at the Julien ‘Wesh’ Taboulet windsurfing centre, in Leucate, France.

Remembering the 2013 Cold Hawaii World Cup

“We’ll remember the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2013 because the warm-hearted people of Cold Hawaii welcomed the (wind)surfing world to the small fishing village of Klitmoeller. Over 100 volunteers, mostly from the local surf club, together with a small team of hard-working professionals made the Cold Hawaii wheel spin for the fourth year in a row.

We’ll remember the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2013 as the year when His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik was the patron of the event.

We’ll remember Sunday, September 15, when the Crown Prince paid the event a visit. On that occasion the Crown Prince took up the challenge of windsurfing against 10 local young guns. Later, the Crown Prince watched the pro sailors up close from a jet ski at the famous spot, The Reef, in Klitmoeller.

We’ll remember the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2013 as the year when the Cold Hawaii wind made us wait. This, however, gave us a different impression of Cold Hawaii, as a place that is much more than just Klitmoeller. In reality, Cold Hawaii consists of 29 registered sports. This means that no matter where the wind and waves come from, you can find somewhere ideal for windsurfing, kitesurfing or surfing.

We remember Sunday, September 22, as the day the wind finally kicked in. Cold Hawaii came back to life with a vengeance, as howling winds and big, powerful waves arrived just in time to make it a good competition for the fourth successive year. That day will live long in the memory of Marcilio ‘Brawzinho’ Browne, who managed to tame the ferocious North Sea by beating Philip Köster in front of a big crowd, to secure his first ever event victory on the PWA World Tour.

KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup presentred by City Lift A/S and Thy-Mors HF & VUC in collaboration with Thisted Municipality, The North Denmark Region, Sport Event Denmark, LAG Thy-Mors, Visit North Jutland, Feriepartner Thy, Sparekassen Thy, Gripsign og Spar Klitmøller. The event is recurring and has existed since 2010.”

JP Team at the PWA Aloha Classic 2013

The JP team had a number of rider at the 2013 JP Aloha Classic including, Robby Swift K-89, Kauli Seadi BRA-253, Ricardo Campello V-111, Jules Denel FRA-41, Antoine Martin F-193, and the Maui Young Gun Morgan Noireaux HI-101. Check out the action video put together by Swift.

Team Ezzy at the Aloha CLassic

Check out the Ezzy Sails Team at this years 2013 Aloha Classic. Graham Ezzy, Kevin Pritchard, Jessie Brown, Ruben Lemmons and Yoshi Hasumi rip it up at Hookipa Beach Park.

Cornwall British Wavesailing Championship

Jamie Hancok bring us his edit of the British Wavesailing Championship, which was won by Phil Horrocks.

It felt a bit strange filming the guys at this years Cornwall BWA event after winning the event in the previous two years. But with breaking my leg back in august i’ve been making the most of getting behind the lens. Last year I sneaked past Phil on the final day of competition to take the event win and the overall British title. It was great for me but terrible for Phil, and I think everyone felt for him. So coming to this event I really wanted Phil to win it, and to film it.

I captured everything I could over the event and this is what happened… ~ Jamie Hancock

Youth, Women, Masters, Amateurs take to the stage at the 2013 Aloha Classic

With the PWA Double Elimination completed yesterday it was again time for the Amateur, Master’s and Youth riders to take to the water at Ho’okipa Beach Park, the undisputed home of windsurfing.

Youth Results
1st Casey Rehrer (Maui Sails, Quatro, MFC)
2nd Harley Stone (Naish, Quatro, MFC)
3rd Fiona Wylde (Sailworks, Quatro, NoLimitz)
4th Tom Juban (Goya, Quatro)

JP Aloha Classic PWA Finals

Congratulations to both Levi Siver and Marcilio ‘Brawzinho’ Browne. Levi won the Aloha Classic, and Marcilio Browne won the PWA World Title. Also a big shout out to Bernd who battled Levi in the final and delivered a thrilling display of wave riding and layed it all on the line. Check it out for yourself in the video.

“Windsurfing Rules!” – Levi Siver

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, way to go!

Marcilio ‘Brawzinho’ Browne speaks after capturing his maiden PWA Wave World Championship:

“It’s my childhood dream, it’s what I’ve been working towards for my whole life and it’s finally come true, it’s unbelievable. It’s been a long week and as much as you try to think about it, it’s always there in the back of your mind, and now that it’s actually over and it’s done, it’s not a load off my back but I can relax. The last few days have been very tense for me.”

“The first wave I went down in the first heat my legs were shaking, I’m not gonna lie, I’m just happy it worked out, had faith and got the job done.”


  1. Levi Siver
  2. Bernd Roediger
  3. Kauli Seadi
  4. Morgan Noireaux
  5. Marcilio Browne
  6. Josh Angulo
  7. Alex Mussolini
  8. Robby Swift
  9. Graham Ezzy / Kevin Pritchard

2013 PWA Wave Overall Ranking

  1. Marcilio Browne
  2. Alex Mussolini
  3. Victor Fernandez
  4. Thomas Traversa
  5. Ricardo Campello
  6. Philip Köster
  7. Jules Denel
  8. John Skye
  9. Leon Jamaer
  10. Klaas Voget

PWA Double Elimination Aloha Classic

Day 8: Mussolini and Browne still in the hunt for a World Title

A slower than expected start at Ho’okipa Beach Park on day eight of the JP Aloha Classic – presented by Nalu Kai – soon turned into a pulsating and extremely exciting day of sailing as the title race headed towards its climax. At the start of the day seven riders – Philip Köster (Starboard / NeilPryde / Maui Ultra Fins), Alex Mussolini (Tabou / Gaastra), Marcilio Browne (Goya Windsurfing / MFC), Victor Fernandez (Fanatic / North / MFC), Thomas Traversa (Tabou / Gaastra), Leon Jamaer (Fanatic / Hot Sails Maui) and Ricardo Campello (JP / NeilPryde / MFC) – were all still in contention for the world title, however, by the end of the day only two sailors were still standing – Browne and Mussolini. Tomorrow will now see a scintillating finale as Mussolini and Browne go head-to-head in the battle for the 2013 PWA Wave World Championship.

Today promises to be an extremely exciting day, with both the JP Aloha Classic Champion and PWA Wave World Champion set to be decided. The forecast for tomorrow promises excellent wind and yet more waves, which should result in an enthralling day of sailing with at least one sailor set to write their name in windsurfing history. Who is your money on for the title, and the prestigious win at the JP Aloha Classic?

Results – PWA Double Elimination
1st Levi Siver (Quatro / Goya Windsurfing / MFC)
2nd Kauli Seadi (JP / Hot Sails Maui / MFC)
3rd Bernd Roediger (Quatro / Goya Windsurfing / MFC)
4th Morgan Noireaux (JP / Hot Sails Maui / MFC)
5th Robby Swift (JP / NeilPryde / Mystic / Maui Ultra Fins)
5th Josh Angulo (Angulo / Gun Sails)
5th Alex Mussolini (Tabou / Gaastra)
5th Marcilio Browne (Goya Windsurfing / MFC)
9th Kevin Pritchard (Starboard / Ezzy / MFC)
9th Graham Ezzy (Quatro / Ezzy)

Read a complete recap of the heats at watch the recorded live stream, Part 1 and Part 2.

PWA Aloha Classic Single Elimination

The single elimination bracket of the JP Aloha Classic wrapped up as Siver snatches the victory from under the nose of Seadi after an epic day in Ho’okipa.


The boys from Maui Nerd Productions bring us a sweet video of the JP Aloha Classic Pro men division that took place on the first two days of the contest window.

Bernd Roediger was crowned Champ, read more about it at .

Aloha Classic Teaser

JP-AUSTRALIA presents the Aloha Classic 2013!

n 2006 JP Australia sponsored the Aloha Classic for the first time. Back then Josh Angulo won the event ahead of Jason Polakow and Kevin Pritchard.

After not having a PWA event on Maui since then, JP finally decided that it is time to step up and become again the title sponsor of the Aloha Classic and bring the best wave sailors back to Maui for a PWA competition.

JP is very proud to be able to help to make this finally happening and looks forward to see the best and most radical wave riders on this planet to perform in the prestigious Aloha Classic.

The contest is currently running so stay tuned!

Get ready for the JP Aloha Classic 2013

The AWT is proud to announce the confirmation of the PWAs involvement in the 2013 JP Aloha Classic. For the first time in 7 years, the PWA World Tour will be back on Maui to put the world’s best windsurfers against some of the world’s best conditions. Taking off where it left off in 2006, the Aloha Classic will once again be supported by JP Australia, highlighting the unbreakable bond between the JP name and the world famous surf of Ho’okipa Beach Park.

Top Pros ranking from the AWT brackets will advance as wildcards to the PWA brackets. We are happy to also welcome Duncan Coombs as confirmed Head Judge for the 2013 JP Aloha Classic.

The contest window for the Aloha Classic is October 24th-November 6th. Permits allow us to run 11 of the 14 days. We will hold our awards party on Saturday, November 2nd. All completed divisions up to that point will be awarded then. Any final awards will be presented at the beach Sunday the 3rd through Wednesday the 6th of November, condition dependent.

TeamFranceWindsurf in Sylt

TeamFranceWindsurf via Sophia Regerbis brings us this action packed video from the 2013 PWA Sylt world Cup.

Sylt (Sep 26th-Oct 5th) was the fourth and last event of the 2013 world tour for the freestylers, and delivered consistent conditions to end the season with a complete double elimination.

The riders had to deal with offshore and gusty wind, choppy waters and very cold winds during the 2 days of competitions, and even in those tricky conditions everyone showed some good sailing.


Check out the RRD in Sylt.