Freeriding Guadalupe

There’s something tranquil about blasting across the water on freeride or slalom gear, just like across these blue waters in Guadalupe.

North Sea Crossing

On the 22nd of October 2013 Ron Kleverlaan followed his team, in his windsurfing kit crossed the North Sea between the UK coastal town of Lowestoft to Bergen at Sea in the Netherlands., a journey of 195 km.
Here is a short video from the journey.

Discharge featuring Sean O’Brien

Austrlian wavesailor Sean O’brien brings us a freeride clip off the coast from Down-under.

That feeling you get. The release, the redemption. Pack your bags for the next trip. Passports, wallet, chargers, boards. On a famous, yet relatively unknown island, full of wild creatures and surrounded by blissful reef; Sean O’Brien spent a winter month, exploring, riding, exploring some more. We filmed everything we did that month and this is our produce. In this original short by WeAreNeverLeaving, Sean takes us on a trip from Cairns to Green Island and some unexplored parts of Vlasoff Cay on the Arlington Reef. A tropical Australian paradise, which blooms in winter rather than summer; an escape from the cold when it’s needed most. Put your feet up and stereo loud.

Mauritius a Windsurfing Freeride Paradise

Mauritius has a lot to offer! Among them crystal clear blue waters, and a freeride paradise! Just check out these conditions at Preskil Beach Resort.

Fifty Shades of Spray

Some flat water blasting. Enjoy!

San Fransico Bay June 8th

Winds of  30 – 40 MPH went through the San Fransico Bay Area, and tons of windsurfers hit the water in Berkley on Saturday June 8th.  Here’s a video featuring some of the action from the day!  Check out below for a nice push loop from Wyatt Miller on Sunday.

The EFPT Aqualeto Cup Final Video

The final video of the EFPT Alquato Cup is here!  Steven Van Broekhoven has won the event, Dieter van der Eyken took second,. and Phil Soltisiak finished third.

Home Spot and Potes

A high wind video from French female rider Esterll Barre (FRA 675) at her home spot, etang de la nautique, with more then 45 knots, and some bump and jump conditions!

Canada at over 50 Knots

Some action at 50 knots on L’Iles Dorleans, in Quebec, Canada. Huge tide pulls the water opposite to the wind providing endless surf on the huge swells. The result is much like the Gorge with the sensation you are going downwind only to turn around and see you are still higher upwind

Stephen Gibson at Flag Beach

Stephen Gibson at the popular bump and jump spot, Flag Beach in Fuerteventura.

Windsurfing 24 hour Distance Record

In March 2013, Victorian windsurfer Craig Hollins ventured to Lake George in South Australia to attempt a world distance record. After about two hours he had already racked up 100kms. Around 9pm after 14 hours he had sailed 538kms and set a new World Record! Watch the whole story in this video here.

MauiSails 2013 Titan GS – Ride with Micah Buzianis

Take a ride with Micah Buzianis on the 2013 Titan GS, a Freerace wide sleeve sail with either 2 or 3 cams. More info on

RRD – Firestorm V2 LTD

RRD’s Firestorm program has seen some changes in the shapes this year. Based on the scooprocker of the X-fire boards, the thinner volume configuration and narrower tail allow the firestorm to have excellent acceleration but comfortable when freeriding.

We’ve riden the older version and it was excellent. Well we haven’t ridden this brand new board, we’ve tested both the firestorm and X-fire, and think it’s safe to say that if you want to drag race your friends and blast around at full speed without the demands of a full on Slalom board this should be near the top of your list.

Youp Schmit – Bonaire

Check out the epic video with crazy angles, moves and a style of the kid who grew up on Bonaire.

Neilpryde EVO5 vs Speed Boat

This neat Heli Shot video comes to us from the Guys at Diabolo Funboard.  Watch as the two riders blast across the open Ocean on Starboards and Neilpryde EvoVs racing a speed boat.