Moves – Skopu by Oda Johanne

A nice skopu by Oda Johanne.

Moves – Skopu by Riccardo Marca

Riccardo Marca sent us this Scopu clip as he training and learning in Sardinia.

Moves – Wave 360 by Justin Denel

The young Justin Denel shows us this nice wave 360 which was filmed in Pozo.

Moves – Stalled Double Forward by Philip Koster

Philip Koster throw a nice stalled double forward during the 2013 Tenerife World Cup.

Moves – Skopu by Adam Sims

Adam Sims throws a Skopu in a tidal pool.

Moves – Double Culo by Adam Sims

A nice double culod by Adam Sims at Matas Blancas.

Moves – Air Funnel by Romain Pinocheau

A nice air funnel by Romain Pinocheau in Fuerteventura.

Moves – Forward Loop by Casey Reher

A nice forward loop from Casey Reher.

Moves – Airbob by Nick Van INgen

Nick van Ingen throws a nice airbob as he is getting ready for the upcoming PWA Freestyle World Tour stop in Fuerteventura.

Moves – Wasabi by Philip Koster

There was some talk the other week here on WindsurfPress that Philip Koester had been working on the Wasabi in Pozo. The Wasabi, first done by Boujmaa Guilloul, is a forward loop(Cheeseroll) into a backloop.

Sean O’brien brings us this story from Western Australia earlier this year:

Philip Köster being typical Philip Köster. In January we were invited on a photoshoot in Western Australian with Philip, Scott McKercher and JC. Roads filled with pink salt lakes, dust and kangaroos. Some of the most remote and glorious breaks you will find and 2 of the best wave sailors you’ll ever see on the water. On this particular day in Esperance, Philip was diabolical. Launching some of the biggest backies we’d ever seen and tearing every wave to shreds. At one point Philip asked us to make sure we were filming as he was going to pull that Boujmaa trick everyone was talking about. We were sceptical. First run out and this is what ensues; Wasabi.

Who’s had the best forward in Pozo?

Brought to us by Jose Pina, which top rider has had the best forward thus far in Pozo? Philip Koster, Ricardo Campello, Robby Swift, Josep Pons, or John Skye? Let us know!

Moves – Goiter by Artur Szpunar

MauiSails sail designer Arthur Szpunar does a nice goiter out the back at Ho’okipa.

Moves -Spock Culo Diable by Taty Frans

A combination freestye move spock-culo-diablo by Taty Frans.

Moves – Stalled Double Forward by Ricardo Campello

A double forward from Ricardo Campello in Gran Canaria.

Moves – Pushloop Forward by Josep Pons

A nice pushloop forward by Josep Pons in Pozo.