Black Team | Slow motion wave action

Point 7 sails Black Team, featuring Martin Ten Hoeve and Philippe Mesmeur in El Medano.

Tourists of The Sea – Episode Three – Pismo, California – Kevin Pritchard + Graham Ezzy

Episode three for the Tourists of the Sea, featuring Kevin Pritchard and Graham Ezzy is here!

Windsurfing, discovery, fun, photos, stopping the car in the middle of the road to take pictures, that is the joy of being a tourist. The boys find a sweet little sailing spot near Pismo Beach. Check it out.

Dario Ojeda – ReEdit

The KSB Collective released this clip from a project they where working on 2 years ago featuring Dario Ojeda. 2 years may seem like an eternity ago, and it may seem like a lot has changed, but a board is still a board, and action is still action.

2 years ago we made a little focus on Dario Ojeda during the Fuerte Wave Classic. After that we had the project to do a complete video about him and start to look for money and time to build this project. We didn’t find what we want to accomplish our goal properly. We don’t give up and for now, have a look at this rebuild interview which was a part of our “Project production file”. For sure you already saw some of this footage, and some informations are no longer valid, but this video was not intended to be broadcast.
KSB Collective

Loick Lesauvage – Hawaii 2014

14 year Loick Lesauvage tears up Ho’okipa during April and May.

Under The Bridge

Adam Sims brings us this short clip from freestyle spot know as the ‘The Bridge’ located on the river Wien in Vienna.

El Medano. Last resort…?

Check out some windsurfing action from one of the Canary Islands, El Medano on Tenerife. Featuring: Alex Mussolini, Dany Bruch, Giacomo Venturini, Nicolas Akgazciyan, Andre Ludewig, Enzo Esposito, Valter Scotto and many more.

Green Grass of Home

Timo Mullen brings usthis quick clip of his session at home in the UK during May.

Its been a good end to the Spring here in the UK but it looks like summer is about to kill our fun, time to jump on a plane i guess! ~ Timo

This Is what It’s Like to Ride the Longest Waves in the World | Endless Ride, Ep. 3

Third episode of the Juban brothers adventure is here.

Camille and Tom Juban came to Chicama, in the Peruvian desert to beat the Guinness World Record for longest wave ever windsurfed. But before they do that they have to get the right swell, test the cameras, make sure the GPS is running and figure out how the waves at Peru’s (the world’s?) longest point really work. Will it be possible to break the record? Stay tuned for the answer. This Is what It’s Like to Ride the Longest Waves in the World | Endless Ride, Ep. 3

Kauli Seadi goes Berber

Kauli takes windy Essaouira, Morocco beach break and turns it into a foamy chocolate shake!

Those are the Words from Hot Sails… what they mean we don’t know but enjoy some action from one of the best in the World!

This Is one of the most Amazing Waves in the World | Endless Ride, Ep. 2

The second episode of the Juban brothers Endless ride is here.

After arriving in Chicama, Peru the brothers Juban can’t wait to hop into their wet suits and go for a surf. After a morning session they grab a lunch of the local delicacy, ceviche, which is delicious local fish ‘cooked’ in lime juice. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. In the afternoon the wind comes up so they are back in the water on their windsurfing boards to test the waves and see how likely it is that they will get the magic, world-record-breaking ride at this legendary spot. The potential is there, but will the swell arrive? This Is one of the most Amazing Waves in the World | Endless Ride, Ep. 2

Jamie Hancock at Cornwall

Jamie Hancock is back on the water in the UK with some nice wavesailing action.

After breaking my leg the previous Autumn it was great to be back on the water in the UK after a lengthy recovery time and finally feel comfortable back on the water in Spring. So I joined Ross, Timo and Jack for a few days of pretty fun conditions down in Cornwall.

Dany Bruch at Home

A clip from Dany Bruch in action at home, showing his new toys from ChallengerSails.

IMAGINARIUM Ft. Max Matissek

Max Matissek’s new video is here! Check out “Imaginarium” for some sick windsurfing and amazing views. Enjoy!

We all dream. Sometimes less sometimes more. Everybody knows the feeling of sitting in bed just after opening the eyes and wondering if you are in the real world or another dimension right now.

IMAGINARIUM gives you an inside view of the mind of professional windsurfer Max Matissek and pictures some of the imaginations he had during his Cape Town stay in February 2014. Beautiful girls, raining cacao, colorful creatures, fireworks and double loops are just a few of the things that are in his brain during warm South African nights.

Join him on his journey through his wonderland imagination aquarium playground.

Kauli Seadi – A simple loop

Kauli leaves the beach at Maui’s Ho’okipa Beach for a quick ride on the Hot Sails KS3 and throws a simple clean loop.

Gollito Estredo Training in El Yaque

Gollito Estredo showing why he is one of the Kings of freestyle. Training in El Yaque Gollito is throwing some monster moves.