Trailer – Arrianne and Oda in Brazil

Oda Johanne and Arrianne Aukes had a great time sailing in Brazil. They’ve just released this trailer for there upcoming clip in a few days, and we can’t wait, some great freestyle and a little wavesailing, featuring two beautiful blondes who rip doesn’t heart either.

Technique – Backlooping with Adam Lewis

Backlooping is a key move in your wavesailing arsenal, the rotation is smooth and floaty! Adam Lewis of the Black Team explains step by step how to land nice backloops.

Now get out there and have fun!

Thruster Set Up with Keith Taboul

Maui Fin Company bring us this great inforamitive clip. Keith Teboul explains you how to set up your thruster board. On multifins board the fin positions is critical to achieve best performances. Action from Keith Teboul and Levi Siver.

Tuning – Getting the Correct Downhaul Setting

It’s important to realize how much correct sail tuning can affect performance  and your fun on the water.   Downhaul tension and the overall luff curve of the sail is affected by the downhaul measurement, so it is very important to achieve the optimal setting for your session.

You probably know about the luff measurement marked on your sail, for example 12cm, and you set your base to 12cm.  But did you know each manufacture might have slightly different measurements, so if you are using a different brand extension this could be crucial.    So although not noticeable to the eye, a centimeter can make a large difference   So use this method to confirm your specs.



When designing sails, manufacturers measure the downhaul from the bottom of the mast to the perpendicular projection of the bottom corner of the sail pulley. That information is
then printed in the sail.



The downhaul is one of the most crucial steps to rigging.  It controls the shape of your windsurfing sail and can’t be changed while sailing.  Finally, confirm that your tack pulley is as close to the base pulley as possible.

Check out the video where Artur Szpunar of Maui Sails explains how to tune and measure your downhaul settings according to the sail specification box.
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The Pritchard brothers often offer great tips and videos, plus deals on gear on their website. Check out this video of Matt Pritchard going down the line at  Kanaha.  Than check out all the tips to improve your wavesailing.

1. Look behind you just as much as you look in front of you!!! Yes, that is right, the wave is coming from behind you- if you can’t see it, you are gonna be in trouble. Be patient, just because you are coming in doesn’t mean there is a wave right behind you- Look for it, wait for it!

Get all five tips for wavesailing from the Pritchards

How to tune a Race Sail for Speed

Ghosts of Speed asked some fast guys how they tune racing sails for speedsurfing.
This clip is a technical extra content for the coming documentary Ghosts of Speed.
You can geta copy of the whole movie here, which is set to come out this December.

Proffitts Pozo Training Diaries – part 5 – How to do Stalled forwards

In this episode Ben Proffitt brings us a bit of action from Robby Swift and Marcillio Browne.  Plus he brings us a tutorial on doing a stalled forward.

Fares Goes FORWARD!

Matt Pritchard teaches a friend and fellow windsurfing instructor how to forward loop.  If you’re looking to learn hopefully you can pick up a few tips from this video.

More Windsurfing Videos

Technique: Body Drag

Ant Baker from the Baker Academy takes you though the 3 easy stages of the Body Drag.

Technique: One Handed Top Turn

Jem Hall takes us through front side wave sailing and adds another dimension as he talks you through the technique of the One Handed Top Turn and informs you of why you should be adding this fun move to your skill set .. Focus, Believe and Enjoy!

Slalom Tuning – Fanatic Team Tips

Fanatic shaper Sebastian Wenzel and Fanatic team riders Peter Volwater, Kurosh Kiani & Pierre Mortefon give some tips and tricks about tuning slalom gear.