Müller bros enjoy spring in Leucate

Balz Müller and his tribe of brothers go full at it for freestyle. Check out there latest clip as they attack leucate this spring.

h`yeah`res – Muller Bros

Balz Muller recently claimed, and almost landed, the spectacular looking Shifty 720. Check out his recent freestyle clip as he joined his brother, Yentel Caers and some friends for a little winter holiday.


PWA freestyle Balz Müller from Switzerland entered his first PWA event last season in Podersdorf. Here’s a fun clip from him put together with various action. Some fun a little booty, and some gnarly hardcore action in strong winds!

Lake Urnersee Hurrican Gusts

Balz Muller sends us this crazy clip from Lake Urersee, Switzerland, where gusts were hitting 70 knots. If you are going to watch just 1 part of the clip make it has crazy wipe-out starting around 22 seconds in.