Robby Swift and Marcilio Browne Chile in March

Check out the latest clip from Robby Swift, featuring him self and Marcilio Browne tearing up some epic waves in Chile.

Chile is one of my favourite places on earth to spend time. The country is beautiful, the people are amazingly friendly, the food is excellent and the windsurfing conditions are off the scale! I can’t wait to go back! – Robby

From My Eyes Ft. Victor Fernandez

Victor Fernandez brings us into his recent trip to Chile with some action packed riding.

Robby Swift in Chile

Robby Swift brings us this action packed wave sailing clip from Chile during November, while the PWA event should have been taking place. Scoring great conditions, big waves and Robby’s talent makes this a great clip. Fingers crossed we’ll see this stop on the tour in 2014.


Three Russian windsurfers, Alex Zlobinskiy, Seva Shulgin and Olya Raskin visit Chile and Mauritius.

PWA Chile Cancelled

Today the PWA confirmed that the season finale wave event in Chile has been cancelled, and the 2013 Wave World Champion will be crowned at the JP Aloha Classic currently taking place in Maui.
With the local boys from teh AWt thrown into the mix, Levi Siver sits in first after the single elimination, the men’s title race has intensified even more.

With the South American comp now off the schedule Daida Moreno becomes the ladies champion after just one contest in 2013.

As-it-stands, with a Double Elimination at Ho’okipa still to complete, the mens wave rankings look like this:

1. Alex Mussolini

2. Marcilio Browne

3. Victor Fernandez

4. Thomas Traversa

5. Jules Denel

(6. Philip Koester)

The double elimination at the JP Aloha classic is set to begin later today.

The Fabres Bro’s in Chile

Feel the adrenalin as Naish riders (and brothers) Diego and Benjamin Fabres explore & rip through some of Chile’s best windsurf spots.

Marcilio Browne in Maui and Chile

Marcilio ‘Brawzinho’ Browne shows off his wavesailing in Chile and Maui.


Brothers, Aleix Sanllehy and Eric Sanllehy on their last training trip to Chile, and having a great time!!

Victor Fernandez in Chile the Sequel

The is the second clip from Victor Fernandez featuring sessions from Chile.

“Chile is one of my favourite destinations in the world, a country that I visit at least once a year. This year I spent nearly two months, we scored great surfing in the first 3 weeks and very good windsurfing in the last 20 days of the trip. It´s been great to share these moments with team mates and friends as Klaas Voget, Cisco Casas, Nacho Rocha, Arthur Arutkin, Aleix, Eric Sanllehy, Filferro and the local windsurfers from Chile. Looking forward to come back in November for the PWA World Cup!” – Victor Fernandez

Check out his previous clip

Arthur Arutkin in Chile

Young Fanatic and North Team rider Aurthur Arutkin shares this training clip from Chile.   He was there training with team members Victor Fernadez and Klass Voget.

Victor Fernandez in Chile

Victor Fernandez training and having fun in Chile.

Swift and Campello – Chile 2012

Watch two of the Worlds top wave riders, Robby Swift and Ricardo Campello, enjoying there winter training in the South Pacific.

Russians Score World Class Waves in Chile

Check out the perfect waves in this video! Seva Shulgin and friends took a trip to Chile and scored some world class wave riding in Topocalma.

Photo Friday – The Motherload

We’ve got a big selection of Photos for you from all over this week!  There were so many good choices for a cover photo, like Ricardo’s wipe, Tatiana Howard looking very sexy, or some great pics from Down Under!
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Campello and Swift in Chili Part 2

This is the second part of  Ricardo Campello and Robby Swifts visit to Chile.  It’s a non-english clip but the shots from two great wavesailors are awesome!