Pip Parddoe is a professional instructor at Club Vass, check out his explosive and fluid style in this freestyle clip!

South African Surprise Ft. Rasmus Oegelund

MacG productions hooked up with the danish up and coming freestyle windsurfer Rasmus Oeagelund in South Africa and filmed some of his winter training. Rasmus has a big passion for windsurfing and together with his great personality, attitude and style in his moves he will go far!

Beautiful South Africa Ft. Adrien Bosson

Check out this cool clip of Adrien Bosson freestyleing in South Africa.

3 Riders 3 Moves

Max Matissek, Adrien Bosson and Max Rowe go move for moves at a Cape Town lake.

Gollito at Home

Check out this latest teaser clip from Gollito Estredo as he`s killing it at home in El Yaque, we can`t wait for the rest!

Ricardo Campello in his back Yard

Ricardo Campello sailing in his backyard doing a little freestyle. He’s still got the latest moves, could we see im do all or a few stops on the freestyle tour this season?

Rafeal de Windt in Maui

Curacao rider Rafael de Windt visits Maui and shows a little style in the rough waters off Maui’s north shore during and unusual Kona wind day.

Romain Pinocheau – Brazil 2014

French freestyler Romain Pinochea spent two months during winter in Brazil to train. Northern Brazil is a windsurfer’s paradise littered with great sailing spots, warm water, and consistent winds above 20 knots. Romain Pinochea based himself out of Sao Miguel do Gostoso but also in this clip is action from Praia do Marco and Galinhos Lagoon.

Arrianne Aukes and Oda Johanne in Brazil

Arrianne Aukes from Holland and Oda Johanne from Norway, windsurfing in different spots in Brazil. These two gorgeous blondes can rip, enjoy the clip!

For more info check out: arrianneaukes.com and odajohanne.com.

Brasile 2013 Ft. Mattia Fabrizi

Italian freestyler Mattia Fabrizi brings us this clip from his winter training in Brazil where he hit up Jericoacora, Camocim and Lagoa Azul.

Mattia Pedrani’s Xmas Mixup

Mattia Pedrani brings us a mashup of 5 differenet session he had over the past Christmas during a quick trip to Sardinia.

It started off in Principina, Tuscany, on the 25th, with 30 knots port tack, then went to Funtana Meiga, Sardinia to sail starboard tack with 35 knots sideon on the 26th and 15 sideoff on the 27th. A little freestyle sesh in Porto pollo with 13/20 knots in Porto Pollo and then a nice clean surf session in La Ciaccia to finish everything up, and then straight back home. – Mattia

Tom Brendt Diary Part III

The latest action from El Yaque featuring Yoli de Brendt, Ricardo Campello Cheo DIaz and Gollito Estredo.

Check out Parts I and II here.

Romain Pinocheau – Brazil 2014 Teaser

Romain Pinocheau drops this sweet little freestyle teaser from his trip to Brazil in 2014. The full clip is coming soon!

h`yeah`res – Muller Bros

Balz Muller recently claimed, and almost landed, the spectacular looking Shifty 720. Check out his recent freestyle clip as he joined his brother, Yentel Caers and some friends for a little winter holiday.


Adam Gaveriel and friends break out the GoPro for a evening freestyle session.