Omar Sanchez just released his latest video from Gran Canaria as he gets ready fro the PWA season kick off there. Omar Sanchez has a tweaked no holds-bard style with a high completion rate on his jumps that’s amazing to watch. The question is can he give Koster a run for his money, check out Koster’s recent Gran Canaria clip for acompairison.

I guess we’ll find out for sure in Mid July as the first PWA wave event starts, but let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Philip Koster on GC

Check out the latest clip from one of the best windsurfers in the World, Philip Koster. Lots of jumping and lots of waveriding filmed over 3 days in Gran Canaria.

Philip Koster at Salinas

Philip Koster is back home in Gran Canaria after his exploration down under. Check out his latest clip as he rips up Salinas.


One of the great windsurfing desitinations is in danger. Access to Vargas Beach on Gran Canaria has been shut down.

What can you do?
Petition to Save Playa de Vargas
Save Playa de Vargas Facebook Group
and get active share this post, the petition and Facebook group with friends.


Gran Canaria is a worldwide privileged place to practice watersports, with plenty of wind and waves. The southeast coastline allows the practice of windsurfing and kitesurfing all year round, with World renowned spots like Pozo Izquierdo (where the PWA World Cup takes place since more than 25 years ago) and Vargas (home of several PWA World Cups too).

Vargas beach has been pretty much abandoned and forgotten by the governments for decades, but has been used by windsurfers for over 40 years. It is one of the most important spots in the Island due to its conditions: it is an ample beach with a wide variety of conditions of wind and waves for beginners, advance or even professional sailors, both in windsurfing and kitesurfing. During all these years, only the Agüimes city council has been interested and in favor of collaborating and improving the area.

Only two small areas in the coastline are used to practice these sports. This allows the users to park at a certain distance from the water, making it accessible for everyone to carry their gear down to the beach, and for the kitesurfers and windsurfers to have their own areas, which is essential for safety reasons.

Kitesurfers and windsurfers access these areas by already existing dirt tracks, being absolutely respectful with the rest of the surrounding areas. Their presence has actually helped in great measure to keep the place well protected from other illicit activities as there is users pretty much everyday of the year.

People from all over the island, water sports schools, and plenty of tourists from all over Europe use this beach to practice windsurf and kitesurf. This has also a significant economical impact in the area.

We are aware that preserving this special natural environment and restrict its uses is necessary, for which we are totally in favor and available to collaborate. Actually, right before the closure of the accesses we were working on a proposal of use of the area, that could be compatible with the actual legislation and environmentally friendly with the area. We believe that the place has potential to be enjoyed by its users and at the same time be respectful with the natural environment and the public areas. For this we are in favor of working together to find a solution.

The “Demarcacion de Costas de Las Palmas” (coastline office), according the new Coast Law, has proceeded to the closure of the beach without previous notice and without offering any alternative option to the users until the final resolution is made. This means the stop of activity for businesses and private users of the beach.

Vargas Beach is absolutely vital for these sports in the island, making it very necessary to find an imminent legitimate solution that allows the use of our wonderful coastline.


Canaries 2013 Ft. Meikel Thies

Meikel Thies spent 2 weeks on Gran Canaria followed by 4 weeks in Fuerteventura with Valentin Böckler and Felix Söder. “We were almost every day on the water to improve ourselves. We Had a really nice time with a lot of windy days :)”

Gran Canaria – Dos mil trece

A nicely done clip from Gran Canaria in May and June of 2013.

Philip Koster Playing at Home

Philip Koster the 19 year old Wvae World champion is ready for the first PWA wave event of the season. Check out his latest clip filmed over the last week at his home spots around Grand Canaria, Spain. Philip Koster is a powerful modern wavesailer, landing dry double forwards, pushloop forwards and more! Check out the action!

Gran Canaria – Choppy Summer

German rider Oli Maier put together some rough clips from his last trip to Gran Canaria, including Vargas and Pozo. Unfortunately waves were small but they still had fun. Check it out.

Alessio’s Summer 2012

Alessio Stillrich at 17 is a damn good wavesailor in Europe, and new member of the Fanatic International team. Check out the action from Gran Canaria, where he lives and windsurf when he’s not busy with school.

Moreno Twins Winter Sessions

Daida and Iballa enjoying a couple good days at their playground in Gran Canaria!

Victor Fernandez Compilation Pozo 2012

Victor Fernandez, with Fanatic International brings us this action packed clip! Watch as Victor Fernandez throws top level moves showing us why he’s Vice World Champion at Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria.

Moreno Twins 2012 Summer Clip

The Moreno Twins, Daida and Iballa put this short together from clips they had from the Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival 2012 in Pozo Izquierdo.

Jumps…No thanks

German rider Moritz Mauch at only 16 years old is an incredible wavesailor. At the beginning of his windsurfing career his father who runs the Club Mistral in Bahia Feliz, taughtd him to focus on waveriding instead of jumping. Moritz can land perfect Takas, Aerials and much more. “Jumps, no thanks” is a clip about his style in waveriding.

Cutre team at Mosca point

Witch Craft Sailboards Rider Nestor Macias vera in more or less side shore conditions at Mosca Point Gran Canaria.

Philip Köster – Portrait

A look at the PWA Wave World Champion.  With interviews and lifestyle shots at home in Gran Canaria.  The incredible windsurfer and amazing jumper, but we still want to see him in Ho’okipa during next years AWT Maui Makani Classic, where he has to go down the line in bigger waves than the PWA can throw at them.  Enjoy the video!