Kai Lenny Injured at Jaws

Kai Lenny suffered a pretty gnarly injury while surfing Jaws the other day. Below is what he had to say and a few pics. (Warning: Some of the pics are pretty nasty and if you have a weak stomach put some saran wrap over your keyboard.)

I had a few really good wipeouts today, but it was my last wipeout that gave me wound! Basically Air dropped on a set wave at Peahi and once I landed and committed my bottom turn I hit a rib in the face of wave and face planted in the barrel. My fin tomahawked my foot while I was getting sucked over the falls. Once I surfaced I was all the way by the rocks on the inside so besides getting cut I got a good beating as well! That is why its called the ride after the ride!!

Philip Köster in Hospital

The 2013 JP Aloha Classic was less then memorable for the 19 year old 2 time World Champion Philip Koster. He was eliminated in the first round of the double elimination, and would have no further chance at defending his World Title. Koster sailed his heat yesterday despite a staph infection on his leg, after the heat he headed to Maui Memorial Hospital in Kahului, where he will likely remain for the next couple days.

A staph infection can be caused by a reef cut, and needs to be treated quickly to prevent further complication.

We wish him a quick recovery and hope to see him windsurfing again soon!

Swift is Screwed

The latest on Robby Swift’s injury.

After his injury in Pozo Robby Swift is back recovering in the UK after undergoing surgery and screws to hold it all together.  The big question is when he will return and will he be competing today?  It’s still uncertain, but with 5 hours plus of rehab a day he is working hard, here is what he had to say, “Denmark will be tight, but he said it’s not impossible so that’s what I have my sights set on!”

The Denmark event he is talking about is none other then Klitmoller  World Cup which takes place in mid September.  We wish Swifty a speedy recovery.

Another one bites the dust…

Maarten van Ochten was a victim of some turbulent wind and got his foot stuck in the foot strap. As a result he will miss out on the next few competitions. We wish Maarten a speedy recovery!

Robby Swift Speaks about his Injury

A few days ago top British wavesailor Robby Swift suffered a serious injury, while training for the upcoming PWA Pozo World Cup. The Professional windsurfers association recently caught up with Robby to find out more, here’s the interview from the PWA:

PWA: What’s the full diagnosis?

RS: “I flew back to England today and have an appointment with the specialist tomorrow morning. Broken ankle and tibia. I need an MRI to check the joint situation. Couldn’t see from the x-ray as I can’t weight bear due to pain and swelling.”

“I’m really gutted as I was more prepared this year than ever for Pozo. I really felt that I could be on the podium at the end of the event and was having so much fun sailing there last night.”

PWA: What happened exactly?

RS: “I did a 1 foot backloop and saw that I was going to crash so I tried to throw the gear away but my back foot got stuck in the strap and I fell down onto the sail with my other foot over the mast and all my body weight squashed my leg into the mast.”

“Anyway, hopefully tomorrow they will give me my prognosis and I will let you know what they say.”

Here’s to hoping Swifty recovers quickly and we see him back on the PWA World Tour soon.

Robby Swift Injured

Top rider Robby Swift has suffered a leg injury while training in Pozo for the upcoming PWA event. Yesterday afternoon Robby Swift broke his leg and ankle on a one footed back loop gone wrong, he is currently on his way back to the UK for surgery. With such a short circuit is will put the entire season in doubt. We wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him back on the water soon.

DISLOCATED – Camille Juban

French wavesailor Camille Juban dislocated his shoulder during a surf session in Guadeloupe. Camille already had plans to be on Maui for the photoshoot season but was unable to sail, on the last day of his trip he decided to hit the water despite his injury. All the action is from one day!

Proffitt’s Training Diaries – Australia – Part 2

Check out the lattest from Ben Proffitt downunder, as he talks about his recent shoulder injury, and arm transplant.

Well.. it’s not exactly gone according to plan – as I’m sat here now with a separated shoulder! :/ But don’t worry – I’ve already been in to surgery and the results will blow your mind! It’s crazy what they can do these days!… On the action front Justyna Sniady is banging out the backloops! – Ben Proffitt

Ben Proffitt’s Corros Crash

Ben Proffitt had a pretty bad crash while trying to pull off a tweaked pushloop at Coronation Beach, Geraldton Western Australia Yesterday, February 18th. Ben Proffitt is the UK Wave Champion, top PWA windsurfer and in recent year teh announcer for PWA’s live stream. The crash resulted in a pretty serious should separation check out the x-ray below.

Best of luck to Ben, and we hope he has a quick recovery!

Boujmaa Guilloul injured

The Moroccan stylemaster Boujmaa Guilloul got injured a few days ago while doing a bottom turn at Hookipa on Maui. It is quite a bad timing for him, as today is the start of the Starboard photoshoot for 2013 equipment on Maui and Boujmaa has to stay out of the water for at least 4 more weeks. Read below a quick interview with Boujmaa.

Read the full interview over at Continent Seven.