For a few days Omazaeki, Japan was the center of the Wavesailing world holding the a contest drawing the likes of many big names and locals. Results were, Alex Mussolini (1st), Graham Ezzy (2nd), Bernd Roediger (3rd) and Morgan Noireaux (4th), Masahiro Motohashi(5th) and Francisco Goya (6th)

Super Slow in Japan

We always though Japan was a super fast paced country, but it turns out everyone moves in slow motion, even the windsurfers. Here’s the action from Febuary in Kemigawahama, Tokyo Bay, enjoy the ummmm… action?

Wave Stars in Japan

Japan was recently host to a windsurfing event the “World Performance 2012”, in Decemeber of last year. Francisco Goya, Victor Fernandez Lopez, Daniel Bruch, Graham Ezzy, Camille Juban, and Tyson Poor hit up Omaezak, Japan for the event, here’s the result of the action. The clip also includes local riders Masahiro Motohashi, Takahumi Noguchi, Tomoo Ishihara, Yoshiaki Nagamatsu, and Yuma Kobayashi.

Windsurfing at Omaezaki

We’re seeing more and more action comming out of Japan, which is only to be expected as it’s an Island in The Pacific that created the word Tsunami. This latest video features a lot of local riders at the wave spot of Omaezaki. The riders are: Hiromi Satou, Ryouta Kamata, Makoto Higashiyama, Motoko Satou, Masahiro Motohashi, Yoshiaki Nagamatsu, Takuma Fujiwara, Norio Asano, Tomoo Ishihara, Hisataka Ishii, Takahumi Noguchi, Yoshitaka Ikeda and Shigeki Matsui.


The windsurfing scene continues to grow in Japan, just check out this video from the Kakegawa Championships.  The event took place on the Kikukawa Coast, and had Slalom, Wave and Freestyle action.

Over to Japan – Trick N Try 2012

This video takes us over to Japan and it looks like the JPWA (Japanese Professional Windsurfing Association) is creating some strong talent.  This video is from there recent freestyle event the 2012 JPWA Trick’N Try congratulations to the winner, Hiroumi Yoshida(JP/Neilpryde). Video features clips from the event including crashing, unfortunately it doesn’t include subtitles for the Japanese, and the editing is slim, but enjoy anyways!!