Robby and Jason Reflect on Jaws

Long before Jaws was crowded by paddle surfers windsurfing legends were among the first to ride the break in the early 90’s, which is only accessible by water. Among those few early pioneer’s were Robby Naish and Jason Polakow who continue to ride it to this day.

Read the Full article by Josh Sampiero on the Red Bull Website The legends of Jaws, the world’s biggest wave

Kai Lenny Injured at Jaws

Kai Lenny suffered a pretty gnarly injury while surfing Jaws the other day. Below is what he had to say and a few pics. (Warning: Some of the pics are pretty nasty and if you have a weak stomach put some saran wrap over your keyboard.)

I had a few really good wipeouts today, but it was my last wipeout that gave me wound! Basically Air dropped on a set wave at Peahi and once I landed and committed my bottom turn I hit a rib in the face of wave and face planted in the barrel. My fin tomahawked my foot while I was getting sucked over the falls. Once I surfaced I was all the way by the rocks on the inside so besides getting cut I got a good beating as well! That is why its called the ride after the ride!!

Kauli Seadi Ripping in Maui

Check out Kauli Seadi ripping in Maui with the brand new Hot Sails Mauui KS3 sail. Kauli Seadi joined the Hot Sails Maui team earlier this year bring his aggressive and powerful style. Shredding Ho’okpia and Jaws, Kauli shows it all in this video.

Levi Lenz and Ian Mouro Hawaii 2013

heck out this sick wavesailing clip from Maui featuring Levi Lenz and Ian Mouro at Ho’okipa and Jaws this April.

Brawzinho Spring 2013

An awesome new video of Marcilio ‘Brawzinho’ Browne tearing up Maui this spring.  With action from Ho’okipa and Jaws, this clip kicks ass!  It definitely makes us want to get out and shred, enjoy!

Maui Gallery

We know we promised it yesterday but better late than never. Here’s a selection of Photo’s from the last week on Maui, with action at Ho’okipa and Jaws. The photos were all shot by Jimmie Hepp and you can check out tons more action on his Facebook.

There’s no hiding it we’re fans of Bernd Roediger, and this shot was great so he get’s the cover, Morgan Noireaux was a close runner up with a sick shot of his Air Taka, and so were some shots of Robby.
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Graham Ezzy – Mud, Rocks, and Jaws

Graham Ezzy is back blogging again. Graham is a very well written windsurfer, with exceptional talent. Check out his story on riding Jaws, and jumping off lighthouse.

On Febuary 1st, 2013 the forecast called for waves big enough for Jaws to be good.

Mud, Rocks, and Jaws (part 1)

Use the above link to head over to Surf-Matic, Graham’s blog and read the whole story.

Antoine Martin Wipeout Jaws

Antoine Martin took at a spill at Jaws the other day, he popped back up at the rocks.

Kauli Seadi on Maui

We wish the video quality was better, but the skill from Brazilian legend Kauli Seadi is amazing as he hits up Ho’okipa, Jaws and Kanaha.

Hawaii 2013 FT Marcilio Browne

Marcilio “Brawzinho” Browne is deffinitley one of the big names in modern wave riding. Check out this clip where he launches massive doubles, powers through his bottom turns and hits the lip hard. At the end of the clip watch some footage from Peahi, Jaws where he almost lands a massive backloop off the lip.

Photo Friday February 8th 2013

We bring you some of the best shots of the last week and a few older ones. Enjoy! Sorry we missed a lot of great shots from Ho’okipa.

Pe’ahi aka “Jaws” Windsurf Sesh February 1st

This video comes from Epic Sesh. On February 1st, the infamous break of Pe’ahi (also called Jaws) went off on Maui Hawaii. It was a slightly smaller day at Jaws compaired to other swells, but the wind was enough for Kai Lenny, Marcilio “Brawzino” Browne and Kauli Seadi to take advantage for a windsurf session. Kia also grab a kiteboard sesh.

Jaws Aloha February – Gallery

The boys in Maui are glad that January is history! And February came in pretty epic with many riders getting out at Jaws. Jimmie Hepp was there to capture the action of Marcilio Browne, Kauli Seadi, Graham Ezzy and More. Check out the the full gallery of Jaws from Jimmie Hepp on facebook with over 160 photos.

We open the gallery with a insane sequence of a backloop by Marcilio Browne.
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Jaws Podcast Winter 2012

Polakow is one of the best big wave chargers on the planet.  Enjoy this awesome video cast of Jason Polakow riding the monster Jaws this past winter.  Features epic action and a look at the challenges faced in going out at Peahi.

Positively Kai 4 Sports at Jaws in 1 Day – Episode 2

Apparently paddling into 25 foot waves at Jaws isn’t daring enough for Kai Lenny. With his relentless desire to do more, Kai decided to conquer Jaws by windsurfing, tow-in surfing, and kite surfing, all in the same day. Watch Kai do it all in this week’s episode of “Positively Kai.”