Technique – Linking moves

Levi Siver shares his years of knowledge and gives us some tips on linking wave sailing moves together.  Levi’s keys are:

  • Get Ready
  • Stay Close to The Pocket of the wave
  • Hold Your Speed
  • Commit
  • Practice! Know when to do a turn a trick or an air.

Thrusters and friends…

Levi Siver brings us a nice action clip from the epi-centre of windsurfing, Maui. With help from a few friends behind the lense and new camera Levi will be documenting this season. Awesome, we’re look forward to more Levi!

Keith and Levi

Maui 2012, Ho’okipa summer testing for Quatro with Livi Siver, Keith Taboul and Pascal Hardy. Enjoy the sick wave action from these three amazing riders.

Baja 2012 Quatro Showdown

The Quatro team including Bernd Roediger, Levi Siver, and Brawzinho bring us this awesome video from the AWT event in Baja.

Levi Siver Wins the AWT’s Quatro Desert Showdown

The 2012 Quatro Desert Showdown has come to an end. The final came down to action packed match between Levi Siver, Camille Juban, Morgan Noireaux and Bernd Roediger. Noireaux and Roediger sailed well, but the two riders who used their wave knowledge to get the best waves were Siver and Juban. When the final horn sounded debates began on the beach as to who won? What would the judges decide? The winner was announced that night behind the bar at the SoloSports camp… Levi Siver! With conditions dwindling slightly on the final day and only enough time to get through a few rounds of the pro double elimination, the final result of the single elimination was upheld giving Siver his third AWT title of the season!
The week hosted by SoloSports Adventure Holidays in Punta San Carlos, Baja, Mexico. THE AWT would like to thank everyone—hosts, sponsors, competitors, staff, and organizer Sam Bittner—for making this event almost twice as big as it was last year.
The next AWT event is the Pacasmayo Classic, in Peru taking place from Aug 17-26. Continue reading for the full results…
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The Sustainable Living Institute of Maui (SLIM), Positive H2O and Surfrider Foundation have teamed up with award winning filmmaker Danny Miller to produce the new documentary, CHANGING TIDES.

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Earth Day Kahului Harbour Clean Up

The ocean and beaches are definitely important to us as windsurfers. Positive H20 is organizing an Earth Day weekend Kahului harbour clean up. If your in the area of Kahului, Maui, HI on Saturday April 21st, give them a hand. Here is the Facebook Event, or you can just click the title of this article to get there.

The event is put on by Positive H2O “a movement for clean water that brings together a community of athletes, conservationists, non-profits and corporations to create purposeful solutions that facilitate positive change on a local to global scale.” (+H2O Facebook page).  It was founded by some big names in windsurfing, Jake Miller, Pascal Bronnimann, Keith Teboul and Levi Siver.

Check out there website at show them your support!

Ninja Spin Sequence ft. Levi Siver

A  tweaked one handed Aerial into Taka by Levi Siver shot by Tam Mullen during the last days at Hookipa, Maui. Timo spoke to Levi yesterday and Levi is gonna call the move the Ninja Spin!

Photo from

Epic Spring Sesh- Maui Hawaii 2012-

Epicsesh has been traveling the island of Maui, Hawaii to capture some of the best action this spring. The winds have been howling and the waves have been pumping with this all out action cast of athletes including Marcilio Browne, Levi Siver, Keith Teboul, Bernd Roediger, Grahm Ezzy, Matt Meola, Zane Schweitzer and many more.