Black Team | Slow motion wave action

Point 7 sails Black Team, featuring Martin Ten Hoeve and Philippe Mesmeur in El Medano.

2and aHALF meter sessions with Martin ten Hoeve

Check out this awesome storm footage from the end of November at a place called Wijk aan Zee featuring Martin ten Hoeve filmed by Thomas Bouwman.

This footage was shot during one of the big 2012 autumn storms in the Netherlands.

Because of health problems the video was delayed until now but we don’t want to hold back this 9 beaufort footage, so here you go!

Luckily health is all good now so we can share our same passion again, windsurf!

Martin ten Hoeve being the tallest windsurfer around with his 2.05 meters and 98 kilograms, the episodes are called 2and aHalf meter sessions.

The Black Team in Pozo

Point-7’s team, know as The Black Team (Waverider Adam Lewis and Martin Ten Hoeve) head to Pozo for the 2013 Wind & Waves Festival. This year the winds were lacking in Pozo, and a single elimination couldn’t be run, so no PWA results cam from the event this year. Still the Black Team was there see what they got up to during the 6 days of waiting for the competition.