The Incredible Journey of Marcillio Browne

In 2013 Marcillio Browne wrapped up the PWA World Tour on the top of his game. At thelast event of the season, the Aloha Classic, he became the 2013 Wave World Champion. Earlier in the season he also won the PWA World Cup event in Denmark, and is still in the hunt for the Red Bull Storm Chase. This amazing clip by Arthur Miranda highlights the 2013 season of this Brazilian ripper. Enjoy!

Epic Maui Action

Kevin Pritchard’s “Photos for Beers” productions just released this sick clip from Maui! Featuring Kauli Seadi, Graham Ezzy, Bernd Roediger, Marcilio Browne, Robby Swift, Bryan Metcalf Perez and some sexy female curves around Maui. Enjoy, this is a much watch clip and one of our recent favorites!