Omar Sanchez just released his latest video from Gran Canaria as he gets ready fro the PWA season kick off there. Omar Sanchez has a tweaked no holds-bard style with a high completion rate on his jumps that’s amazing to watch. The question is can he give Koster a run for his money, check out Koster’s recent Gran Canaria clip for acompairison.

I guess we’ll find out for sure in Mid July as the first PWA wave event starts, but let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Escape to Lanzarote Ft. Omar Sánchez

A short but intense wavesailing action clip of Omar Sánchez at Lanzarote.

Sweet Home – Omar Sánchez

Omar Sanchez is a windsurfer we love to watch, and we see lots of great shots of him throwing radical moves around social media. Here he is sailing at his home spot in a great session, at Mosca Point in Pozo Izquierdo.

Moves – 1 handed back loop by Omar Sanchez

A big one handed back loop by Omar Sanchez.

HOMETOWN RIDE ft. Omar Sanchez

Pozo local Omar Sanchez ripping hard, with great action in this clip!

Winter in Pozo

Winter in Pozo is the latest video production from Omar Sanchez a loft sails rider.


Young Gun Omar Sanchez will ride for Loft Sails in 2013 and 1014. Omar Shanchez is just 21 and debut on the PWA world tour in 2007, at his home spot of Pozo. In 2012 he posted two 17th place finishes at Pwa Pozo Izquierdo and the Pwa Tenerife events.

Omar Sanchez (E-33) will compete in every PWA wave events and target top 10 overall.  We wish him luck, and look forward to seeing him in action more often.

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Omar Sánchez Pozo Izquierdo

Omar Sanchez at his homespot Pozo Izquierdo.

Proffitts Pozo Training diaries – Part 2

So here it is part 2… Ben Proffitt brings us a bit of action from yesterday. Few clips and a feature on our house mate Albert Pijoan. Who decided he wanted to go for doubles… Hell yeah!!
Also Simmer’s newest international team member Omar Sanchez going for double cheese.. with one coming up a bit short!
Plus a bit of injury news from John Skye.