2014 Lancelin Ocean Classic – Philip Koester

The 2014 Lancelin Ocean Classic was Philip Koester’s first event with his new sail sponsor Severne. Koester won the event in front of (2nd)Glenn Alexander, (3rd)Graham Wood and(4th) Ben Severne. Will this set the tone for Koester’s PWA season, as he will no doubt be looking to regain his World Title?

Philip Koester joins Severne

Philip Koester has joined Severne Sails after leaving NeilPryde. He will be staying with Starboard.

We’re stoked Philip Köster is signing up for the SEVERNE team for 014 and welcome Moritz Mauch as the second edition to our wave team. Philip has redefined modern windsurfing and we’re really looking forward to what he’s going to be able to do with lighter, better gear. The future is looking red hot! – ©Severne 2013

Moves – Wasabi by Philip Koster

There was some talk the other week here on WindsurfPress that Philip Koester had been working on the Wasabi in Pozo. The Wasabi, first done by Boujmaa Guilloul, is a forward loop(Cheeseroll) into a backloop.

Sean O’brien brings us this story from Western Australia earlier this year:

Philip Köster being typical Philip Köster. In January we were invited on a photoshoot in Western Australian with Philip, Scott McKercher and JC. Roads filled with pink salt lakes, dust and kangaroos. Some of the most remote and glorious breaks you will find and 2 of the best wave sailors you’ll ever see on the water. On this particular day in Esperance, Philip was diabolical. Launching some of the biggest backies we’d ever seen and tearing every wave to shreds. At one point Philip asked us to make sure we were filming as he was going to pull that Boujmaa trick everyone was talking about. We were sceptical. First run out and this is what ensues; Wasabi.


Philip Köster is just 1 of 6 nominies in the action category of the prestigious Laureus Awards alongside the likes of Stephanie Gilmore (who won 5 of 6 surfing title) and Felix Baumgartner (who jumped from the edge of space with a parachute).

Congratulations to Koester and good luck!

Tiki Documentary 8 of 8 – Champions video

An awesome video, and final part of the Tiki Documentary Series. Starboard take s a look at their Champions, Past and Present, including Kevin Pritchard, Scott McKercher, Philip Koester, and and Iballa Moreno. The riders shares there stories of competiting, and the road to gaining titles, mixed with amazing action shots from some of the best riders in the World.