Omar Sanchez just released his latest video from Gran Canaria as he gets ready fro the PWA season kick off there. Omar Sanchez has a tweaked no holds-bard style with a high completion rate on his jumps that’s amazing to watch. The question is can he give Koster a run for his money, check out Koster’s recent Gran Canaria clip for acompairison.

I guess we’ll find out for sure in Mid July as the first PWA wave event starts, but let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

MY WAY Ft. Dario Ojeda

Local Pozo rider Dario Ojeda brings us his latest clip full of windsurfing, surfing and SUP action.

Sweet Home – Omar Sánchez

Omar Sanchez is a windsurfer we love to watch, and we see lots of great shots of him throwing radical moves around social media. Here he is sailing at his home spot in a great session, at Mosca Point in Pozo Izquierdo.


Check out professional windsurfer Dario Ojeda at his homespot Pozo Izquierdo. Some really sick action in this clip as Dario lands double Forwards, Pushloop Forwards, massively tweaked Pushloops or high Backloops.

Daida Summer Sessions

Top female Daida Moreno brings us a compilation of her summer sessions from Pozo. Enjoy!

Justin Denel – 7 DAYS IN POZO

French wavesailor brings us this sick clip from Pozo.

Short trip, short trip, but some action!
Hope you’ll like it! – Justin

Team Pryde and JP high flying at Pozo

Robby Swift, Ricardo Campello, Philip Koster and Antoine Martin training in Pozo before the PWA World Cup and the PWA Super Session.

Loick in Pozo

Loick Lesauvage, the young 13 year old from France just released this clip from training in Pozo.  He got some sweet jumps and style and is definitely a young ripper and one to watch!

Arthur Arutkin in Pozo

Arthur Arutkin demonstrates his amazing skills in Pozo.

Victor Fernandez Pozo 2013

A sick compilation of wave and high flying action from Victor Fernandez in Pozo, Gran Canaria this summer.

Big Day in Pozo

The PWA Pozo world Cup wrapped up with less then spectacular conditions and only a super session yeilded results.  A few days latter conditions were on fire with sailors on 3.3M sails and @ meter waves.  Some of the top pros were still there including Philip Koster, Alessio Stillrich, 12 year old Niklas Herrera and Victor Fernandez.  Pozowinds brings us this radical clip with massive jumps, huge loops and some sick waveriding.

2013 Proffitt’s Training Diaries – Pozo – Part 5

Ben Proffitt bring us the 5th episode of his 2013 training diaries from Pozo.

Massive stunts as usually but you will have to wait until 6 mins 50 secs for that! Sorry but we haven’t had much wind.. so i’ve included a few bits of no wind action. Including Lady Offringa’s British accent, fishing and how to make a windsurfing toy!! Plus when the action starts Koster puts on a show, Little Antoine goes down fighting, Sniady’s gets on it, little and large and the kids show us how it’s done. Plus action from Victor and Alessio.

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Team France in Pozo

Another great clip from Pozo, this Time from Team France Windsurf featuring Antoine Martin, Thomas Traversa and brothers Jules and Justin Denel.

Pozo World Cup – Day 6 Video

The final day at the 2013 Gran Canaria Wind and Waves Festival still didn’t give conditions good enough for official PWA competition. In its place a super session was held to get a result for the event and distribute the prize Money. Philip Koster won the mens Super Session and Daida Ruano Moreno won the womens division. You can check out a full report on the Day 6 Super Session here.  Enjoy this clip from the Super Session action!

The Black Team in Pozo

Point-7’s team, know as The Black Team (Waverider Adam Lewis and Martin Ten Hoeve) head to Pozo for the 2013 Wind & Waves Festival. This year the winds were lacking in Pozo, and a single elimination couldn’t be run, so no PWA results cam from the event this year. Still the Black Team was there see what they got up to during the 6 days of waiting for the competition.