Thomas Traversa in Tenerife

Right after winning the Red Bull Storm Chase final mission in Cornwall, Thomas Traversa came to the island of Tenerife to test new sails. We managed to score some good conditions around the island, trying some new spots in El Poris (sailing together with Alex Mussolini) and in the north of the island.

Here is the short video where Thomas speaks about winning the competition, his travels in chase of the big waves, and equipment.

Couple Hits – Levi Siver

Levi Siver reminds us why he’s one of the top wavesailors in the World as he hits the lip in Ho’okipa.


Kauli Seadi back in Hawaii Part 2

After spending almost a year on the boat Kauli Seadi BRA-253 returned to Hawaii in November. He again was blessed with typically great conditions at Sprecks and Ho’okipa. Check it out the second of his new video clips.

For Part 1 check outKauli Seadi Back in Hawaii Part 1

116 Seconds of Capetown Ft. Amanda Beenen

Dutch pro wavesailer Amanda Beenen shares her impression of Capetown in 2014, and takes her first crack at editing and filming.

Tension Ft. Morgan Noireaux

Morgan Noireaux tearing up Maui and Baja.

Essaouira Ft. Boujmaa Guilloul

Boujmaa Guilloul scored great conditions at Essaouira in Morocco, check out the video clip!

30 Seconds of Adam Lewis

Adam Lewis celebrated his birthday on February 29th, happy belated, BJ Productions fit in just 30 minutes of filming here are the best 30 seconds.

Camille Juban – Hawaii 2013

Check out this wrap up of Camile Juban’s 2013 season in Hawaii.

Kauli Seadi Back in Hawaii

After spending almost a year on a boat exploring the coast of Brazil Kauli Seadi (BRA-253) returned to Hawaii in November. He again was blessed with typically great conditions at Sprecks and Ho’okipa.

Check it out the first of his new video clips…

OneDayIn Ft. Fabian Weber

Fabian Weber and a crew of German friends in South Africa for some Wavesailing.

Since a few years a small group of friends around Fabi Weber travels down to South Africa to have fun on and off the water…
The weather was generally a bit different than the last few years. The evenings were usually quite fresh – so we have had to wear a sweater and sometimes a light jacket over it. Only the last two days we sat topless at night on the terrace. The South-Easter was only tow times really good that we could rig 4.2 and smaller. I think I was riding 80% on 4.6qm. The wind was mostly very offshore, even in spots which are normaly sideshore. Whitsands extremely gusty. We were one time at the Cape .. But three times in Elandsbai … Global warming? Maybe, maybe not! It was just different … Since we all had our SUPs with us, we were not sad and got some good swells. I think we all got our money. Oh, and the extremely low price RAND has made the trip quite cheap!

A Big Day in Cabezo Ft. Alex Mussolini

On January 24th 2014, winds reached over 50 knots in the gusts, and larger then normal waves came into El Cabezo beach in El Medano, and only few riders hit the water. Alex Mussolini was one of them, using his smallest 3.3 sail, proved that he deserved to finish 2nd in the PWA tour last year, showing his amazing timed wave360s, goiters and huge jumps.

“We got some epic conditions here in Tenerife, the best I’ve seen since I moved to the island 6 years ago” – Alex Mussolini

Enjoy the awesome action!

MY WAY Ft. Dario Ojeda

Local Pozo rider Dario Ojeda brings us his latest clip full of windsurfing, surfing and SUP action.

Kevin Pritchard vs Jason Polakow & Marcilio Browne

No doubt Kevin Pritchard has almost as much much talent for video shooting as he does on a wave. In this short clip you can see the lines he takes on similar waves to Jason Polakow and Marcilio Browne, pretty cool!

I have been really wanting to get better at windsurfing. When your level is high, to me it seems like it is harder and harder to get better. Every millimeter, every little tiny, grip of the toes, where you put your hands, where you are looking matters.
I saw some of the overlay comparisons watching Resi at the Olympics. While it is nothing new, I thought that would be pretty cool to try and look at what is going on and what is happening where. On a wave it is very different because each wave is so different. The location of where and when you are bottom turning is totally different.
I figured I would share the overlay as some of you guys might find it interesting maybe?
To me, it looks like I have most of the fundamentals down. It is just about putting more energy and speed into the turn. Brawzino gets to his second turn quicker than I do with speed and power. Jason had a bit of a squirt of speed right on the bottom turn to get up the wave.

Pod #2 Cape Town – Markus Rydberg

In this second episode of the pod series with Markus Rydberg, he went down to Cape Town, South Africa, to practice some port tack sailing for the up coming season.

Markus Rydberg: “I spent the first month of this year in Cape Town, South Africa. It is a really cool place with good windsurfing conditions and awesome nature and I hope to go back soon! ”

Filmed by: Christopher Friis, Mads Bang, Markus Rydberg, Amanda Beenen and Matthew Pearce.
Edited by: Markus Rydberg.
Music: Mapei, Don’t wait.
Stay tuned for the next episode that’s currently in the making
/MacG Productions

Red Bull Storm Chase – All Missions Highlight Clip

Ten of the best riders, 3 epic storms around the World, that was the Red Bull Storm Chase. Don’t miss the highlights from Josh Angulo (CPV), Marcilio Browne (BRA), Dany Bruch (GER), Kenneth Danielsen (DNK), Victor Fernandez Lopez (ESP), Boujmaa Guilloul (MAR), Leon Jamaer (GER), Robby Swift (GBR), Julien Taboulet (FRA) and the Champion, Thomas Traversa (FRA) competing in Ireland, Tasmania (Australia) and Cornwall (UK) in hurricane-force winds and double-mast-high waves.