For a few days Omazaeki, Japan was the center of the Wavesailing world holding the a contest drawing the likes of many big names and locals. Results were, Alex Mussolini (1st), Graham Ezzy (2nd), Bernd Roediger (3rd) and Morgan Noireaux (4th), Masahiro Motohashi(5th) and Francisco Goya (6th)

Xtreme Session in Brittany

On February 5th Thomas Traversa, Thierry Belbeoc’h, Robin Goffinet and Fred Debuire drove from the South of France to Brittany, and joined a group of hard-core locals at the big wave spot I’lle aux Vache. Wind speeds hit 45 knots and waves up to 8 meters hit the spot, and the video is one to watch!

Kauli Seadi on Maui

We wish the video quality was better, but the skill from Brazilian legend Kauli Seadi is amazing as he hits up Ho’okipa, Jaws and Kanaha.