This clip features some amazing riders including, Davy Scheffers, Yarden Meir, Tonky Frans, Steven van Broeckhoven, Tonky Frans, Kiri Thode, Youp Schmit, Björn Saragoza, Amado Vrieswijk at top locations. Thanks to Austrian Michael Sumereder who’s dedicated himself to filming over the last years.

Robby Naish on Sylt

International windsurfing legend Robby Naish visited Sylt for the 2013 PWA World Cup. Check out the clip where he shares his views on the freestyle action and how far the event in Sylt has come since his time there on the tour.

Old School Windsurfing

Pedro from Portugal sent us a really clip about his father, who still enjoys sailing on the gear of the older days. He is using a Wayler plus an origanal 5,9 m triangle sail and even performs some cool freestyle tricks. Perhaps it motivates you know to grab some old big gear and enjoy windsurfing during a nice sunny summerday in 5 to 10 knots of wind. Slam some jibes or go for a railride or get your friends on board.

Positively Kai : Windsurfing Across Lake Michigan

After a failed first attempt 2 years ago, watersport master Kai Lenny attempts to windsurf 56 miles across Lake Michigan. Better equipment, a better forecast, and a different location set the stage for his second attempt, and it all falls onto Kai to power through hours of constant focus and bitter cold to pull it off. After 2 hours and 50 minutes of windsurfing through endless choppy waves, Kai emerges triumphant on the other side of the lake.

Formula Windsurfing Can Change Your Life

Chris Bond, a recent convert to Formula windsurfing shares and explains why the often hidden side of our sport can be a lot more fun than you may think.

Everyone has heard of Slalom Racing, Wave sailing and Freestyle; we’ve seen the photos, watched the video footage and know the stars. But who knows much about the Formula windsurfing scene? The aim of this article is to explain what Formula windsurfing is all about (including the race scene), to banish some of the myths and explain the benefits to promote this little spoken about part of our sport.

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The windsurf crash compilation

A sweet compilation of windsurfing crashes from all disciplines.

Positively Kai 4 Sports at Jaws in 1 Day – Episode 2

Apparently paddling into 25 foot waves at Jaws isn’t daring enough for Kai Lenny. With his relentless desire to do more, Kai decided to conquer Jaws by windsurfing, tow-in surfing, and kite surfing, all in the same day. Watch Kai do it all in this week’s episode of “Positively Kai.”

Dahab Festival, Kicking off this Weekend!

The Dahab Festival is about to kickoff on April 14th and run until the 20th.   Last year’s inaugaral Dahab Festival was a huge success and 2012 is set to be bigger and better.   Catered towards windsurfers, kitesurfers, scuba divers and many more, the week-long event has something for everybody

Head over to Boards MPORA for the full article, and see whats in store for the windsurfers.

Working in windsurfing – Daniel Macaulay

Jobs in windsurfing can be hard to come by, so how about making your own. There is something very inspiring about Daniel Macaulay. Be sure to head over to the Board windsurfing magazine for the full article, and watch the video at the end.

1 session 4 friends 8 moves

A short video that should inspire you to go out and rip hard next session, featuring Alex Tetsis, Teo Mpathrelos, Stam Promponas and Alex Prapas.

This is Why I windsurf… Mikey Clancy


We just showed you the awesome video of Mikey Clancy tearing it up in Ireland, check out the full at Boardseeker Magazine.


I think the caption says it all!!  But if anyone has the fulls size image please send it to me, i’d love to make it my desktop!!

Max Rowe Ultimate Year

Check out Max Rowes Ultimate Year(gives the low down on where he would head if he had unlimited money or the best sponsor ever) article from Boardseeker Mag.

2012 RS:X World Championships Day 7 Report

Once again due to extreme winds no race were held. Julien Bontemps is the 2012 World Champion in the men’s fleet while Lee Korzits maintained her title. Congrats to the winners!!


Unreal wave action in Ireland from Mikey Clancy!