Greta in Action

Greta Benvenuti (ITA-38) has been a memeber of the Point-7 black team for many years, spending time trainingg in Tenerife, during the winter. If it’s not windy she’s surfing, runnning or doing something else active, Point-7 had this to say about her, “She can’t keep still, she needs action.” Enjoy this clip by BJ Productions of Greta waveailing and slalom sailing.


Footage of the JP Girls from the JP-AUSTRALIA 2013 Gear photo shoot on Maui. Nothing too serious other than seriously enjoying their time on the water and loving one of the best lifestyles in the world. Live the life you love!
Aloha living with Shawna Cropas, Olya Raskina and Maxime VanGent!