Photo Friday – AWT Kicks off and around the World

Okay, we’ve only got 1 shot from the AWT Morgan Noireaux with a nice one handed backloop above Waddel, you can find more pictures from Day 1 of AWT Santa Cruz 2013 on Facebook, definitely worth a look, and like your favorites! Tons of great pics this week, with a bunch from the Epic Sessions crew down in Punta San Carlos, and a good selection from Europe.  But the cover photo this week is Kai Katchadourin smacks the lip at Waddell a few days before the contest began.

AWT Santa Cruze Day 1 Results

AWT Santa Cruz: Day #1 Results: An action packed day here in Santa Cruz with heats running back to back all day, at the end of a tiring day we have some results from the Single Elimination which will be continued on Friday as Day #2 gets underway. Stand out sailors from the day include;

Pro: Marcilio Browne & Morgan Noireaux
Women: Fiona Wylde & Ingrid Larouche
AM: Jerry McKay & Casey Rehrer
Masters: Attila Tivadar & Ferdinando Loffreda

Results are below.
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Moves – Tweaked Air by Marcilio Browne

Marcilio Browne show us a nice tweaked air filmed on Maui, Hawaii.

This was shot for Andre Paskowski upcoming movie “Below the Surface”. You can follow the project here:

Ingrid Larouche Profile

Ingrid Larouche is an American Windsurfing Tour leader for last two years (2011 and 2012) winning overall title. Beside that she is a great person and athlete. Keep an eye on her!

Jason Polakow and Robby Swift at Backyards

With so many northerly winds and medium sized waves on Maui this winter, Jason and Robby ventured to the North Short of Oahu in search for winds and good windsurfing waves. And did they find both!

AWT 2013 Santa Cruz Day 1 Recap

The AWT kicked off with day 1 in Santa Cruz yesterday. 31 heats got completed on the first day and Marcilio Browne was able to land a few perfect double Forwards. Catch back for updates and results as the action unfolds!

Wave Sailing Session

French rider Fred Debuire had a great session with friends on Aux Vaches!

Bastien Rama at Monteynard Lake

Bastien Rama freestyling at Monteynard Lake in France.

AWT Kicks off!

Kicking off the 2013 American Windsurfing Tour with Tour Director Samantha Bittner, the action starts today!

Moves – Flaka Shaka by Romain Pinocheau

A Flaka Shaka by Romain Pinocheau.

Jean-Mat De Ridder Going North

“Well, the title should have been “Going south” , but you don’t choose the name of your sponsor,” said Jean-Mat about this clip where he actual heads South to score at Andalucia and Fuerteventura. Jean-Mat just switched sponsors to North and Fanatic.

The Aruba Xtreme Event 5 min Video

The Aruba Extreme event took place a few weeks ago and the official wrap up video is done and put together by Pertusato Films. Check out the action from this next generation of freestyle riders.

Moves – Kono by Romain Pinocheau

A nice Kono by Romain Pinocheau.

Canada at over 50 Knots

Some action at 50 knots on L’Iles Dorleans, in Quebec, Canada. Huge tide pulls the water opposite to the wind providing endless surf on the huge swells. The result is much like the Gorge with the sensation you are going downwind only to turn around and see you are still higher upwind

EFPT Aqualeto Cup, The Final Day

The final day of the EFPT Aqualeto Cup has come to an end, and saw competiors hit the water to complete both the single and double eliminations. In the end it was Steven Van Broeckhoven who took 1st place, followed by Dieter Van Der Eyken in second and Phil Soltysiak in 3rd. If you want to read the full report check it out on the EFPT website.