Kauli Seadi Back in Hawaii Part 3

Part 3: After spending most of 2013 on his boat Kauli Seadi BRA-253 returned to Hawaii in November. He again was blessed with typically great conditions at Sprecks and Ho’okipa. Check it out the third of his video clips…

11,110 Days and Counting…

How does Robby Naish stay stoked on windsurfing after all these years? It’s simple…in a sport that’s still evolving, there’s always something new to try or something old to refine.

It’s beyond safe to say that Robby Naish isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Mangroove Juice

Team Slowride brings us this freestyle clip from Bonaire, featuring Estonian rider Tony Mõttus.

Hectic! ft. Leon Jamaer

Just out this sweet dream like clip featuring German pro Leon Jamaer.

Thomas Traversa in Tenerife

Right after winning the Red Bull Storm Chase final mission in Cornwall, Thomas Traversa came to the island of Tenerife to test new sails. We managed to score some good conditions around the island, trying some new spots in El Poris (sailing together with Alex Mussolini) and in the north of the island.

Here is the short video where Thomas speaks about winning the competition, his travels in chase of the big waves, and equipment.

Jason Polakow Chronicles – Ep 1 – 5 Most Memorable Days

This new series features the life of windsurfing legend Jason Polakow. It kicks off with Jason’s 5 most memorable days on the water. Watch this compilation of the best waves in the world for windsurfing and surfing!


Naish rider Julien Taboulet takes a family trip to Maui in this full length clip.

Couple Hits – Levi Siver

Levi Siver reminds us why he’s one of the top wavesailors in the World as he hits the lip in Ho’okipa.

Moves – Double Burner by Adrien Bosson

Check out this double bnurner from Adrien Bosson.

Kurosh Kiani – Change

Check out Kurosh Kiani’s latest video update.

Over the winter, I went into hiding for a little while. I had a tough year throughout 2013 and needed for new things to happen. I changed my equipment sponsors and now embark on a total new time with completely new equipment and a new mindset. I spent the winter months on the island of Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands.

During these months I had lots of time to get everything back in order, and at the same time, I had time to reflect and put together this little clip to shortly tell a bit about how I feel about it all and what my deal is now.

Luckily I had a little bit of help getting a couple of clips together and as I am setting out to proper start my training times, I managed to put it all together to this short episode of my Kiani TV series. It is done completely from the heart. Nobody over my shoulders asking for specific things, just my own stuff.

See you out there in 2014!

Curaboys Freestying in Bonaire 2014

Check out this new clip of the Curraco crew training in Bonaire and ripping it up with the local pros.

2014 MauiSails Range in Action

Check out this teaser of the 2014 MauiSails rang in action.


Kauli Seadi back in Hawaii Part 2

After spending almost a year on the boat Kauli Seadi BRA-253 returned to Hawaii in November. He again was blessed with typically great conditions at Sprecks and Ho’okipa. Check it out the second of his new video clips.

For Part 1 check outKauli Seadi Back in Hawaii Part 1

Gollito Estredo El Yaque Clip

The multiple time World Freestyle Champion Gollito Estredo brings us his latest clip from El Yaque beach. He’s been hyping it for awhile, and this is a must watch sick clip!

116 Seconds of Capetown Ft. Amanda Beenen

Dutch pro wavesailer Amanda Beenen shares her impression of Capetown in 2014, and takes her first crack at editing and filming.