Lena Erdil – Road to Luderitz 2013

Turkish pro slalom sailor Lena Erdil shares her video about her trip to Luderitz in quest for the speed world record.

In the end we just didn’t get the wind that is needed for a world record and didn’t get to sail as much as we would have liked, but it was still good to be back on the canal and give it my best shot… Hope you like the video! A massive thanks to all my sponsors for supporting me one more time in the ultimate quest for speed !! ~ Lean

Anders Bringdal at Luderitz

With all of the attention on Ho’okipa it’s easy top forget about what is going on on the other side of the World, including the Luderitz Speed Challenge.

It’s the start of Week two and It’s the start of week 2, in Luderitz, Namibia so Anders Bringdal speaks here about the event and his plans for the coming weeks.

Will a windsurfer push to break the World record or take the record back from the kiteboards?

Antoine Albeau breaks 50 knots in Luderitz

Antoine Albeau just arrived in Luderitz and already broke 50 knots reaching a speed of 50.07 kts. Check out the video above and head to http://luderitz-speed.com/ for more details.

Luderitz Speed Challenge 2013 Trailer

The 2013 Luderitz Speed Challenge is going to be an intense one. If conditions are good, numerous records could be broken. The event runs through October until the middle of November.

40 Knots at Age 14

Young French rider Benoit Gaudiot, at just 14 has broken 40 knots, his goal for next year, to break 45 knots. The future is looking promising for him as this young speedster stands 6 foot tall and tips the scale at 80 kilos.

The Line – Speed Trench

Check out this gnarly speed trench as Pierre Mortefon blasts down the narrow strip of water, trying to hit the fastest speed possible.

Marty Ogier at Luderitz 2012

A nice video fromt eh Luderitz Speed Challenge of Martyn Ogier at 50knots with the 2013 Hot Sails Maui GPS race sail.

Video West Kirby Speedsurfing

West Kirby is well known for speed sailing, with GPS records often getting broken and peak speeds hitting over 50 Knots. Here’s a nice video of someof the action captured there on January 3rd 2013.

Lüderitz Speed Challenge – Antoine Albeau Interview

French Magazine Windsurf Journal grabbed an interview with Antoine Albeau after the Luderitz Speed Challenge.

Trailer Ghosts of Speed (official)

We’ve been bringing you lots of trailer for the Ghosts of Speed Movie, but here’s the final official trailer with the DVD now available and in time for Christmas!  Ghost of Speed is a modern concept documentary, starring some of the fastest windsurfers in the Netherlands and showing watersports action and the beautiful scenery of The Netherlands.

Speedsurfing can be seen as the Formula 1 of windsurfing. This spectacular high-speed discipline is becoming more and more an important discipline in windsurfing and has developed into an incredible extreme sport.

To grab yourself a copy head to gosmovie.com and check the webshop for the DVD.

Lena Erdil’s Windsurfing Speed Record Attempt

Red Bull and Turkish windsurfer Lena Erdil Turkish windsurf athlete Lena Erdil attempted to break the World Windsurf Speed Record at the Luderitz Speed Challenge event in Namibia. Although she missed the world record by just 0.09 kts, she set a new Turkish record with a speed of 45.74 kts

Luderitz Speed Challenge 2012

Here is a nice clip produced by Eric Bellande of the 2012 Luderitz Speed Challenge in Namibia.

The Luderitz Speed Challenge is all done, with so many record Being broken and incredible times posted! Antoine Albeau broke the World Record eight times over the competition’s four weeks period, ending with the fastest time of 52.05 knots, setting the new World record. Albeau was joined in making history by the fastest female of the event, Zara Davis of Britain, who posted a windsurfing world record speed of 45.83 knots (made on Production board).

12 national multi-discipline records were broken during the course of the event, which is incredible when one considers that 13 nations were represented. The records were as follows :

  • SWEDEN: Anders Bringdal: 51.45 kts (95.3 kph) which is also the World Record on Production Board.
  • NETHERLANDS: Jurjen Van Der Noord: 51.26 kts (94.9 kph)
  • SWITZERLAND: Patrick Diethelm : 50.49 kts (93.5 kph) and then Bjorn Dunkerbeck: 51.09 kts (94.6 kph)
  • GREECE: Nick Vardalachos: 50.56 kts (93.6 kph)
  • GERMANY: Christian Bornemann: 46.75 kts (86.5 kph)
  • UNITED KINGDOM: Farrel O’Shea: 48.82 kts (90.4 kph)
  • FEMALE UNITED KINGDOM: Zara Davis: 45.83 kts (84.8 kph)
  • FEMALE TURKISH: Lena Erdil: 45.74 kts (84.7 kph)
  • ITALIAN: Alberto Possati: 44.47 kts (82.3 kph)
  • CROATIAN: Boris Vujasinovic: 44.47 kts (82.3 kph)
  • UKRAINIAN: Alexander Goncharov: 40.95 kts (75.8 kph)

All in all seven riders hailing from five different countries went over  50 knots. These were:

  • FRANCE: ANTOINE ALBEAU (52.05kts) and CEDRIC BORDES (50.23kts)

These unprecedented performances were made possible not only by the incredible skill and athleticism of each contestant but also by their belief in the event and their willingness to give of their experience to improve the sailing conditions. All the windsurfers agree that this year’s results can definitely be improved, and who wouldn’t, when you consider A.Albeau went three knots faster than he did in 2008, in less wind! The riders are presently leaving Namibia with ideas for modifying their gear in order to return for more action in stronger winds in 2013.

Cervantes Speed 2012

An amazing video from Windsurf Australia.

This years Cervantes Speed trials in the small fishing town of Cervantes, 200km north of Perth was greeted with 35 knots of wind on day 1 with many competitors struggling with the rougher conditions. Day 2 produced a much more pleasant 15-20 knots for the ocean race and general free sailing in the bay. Chris Lockwood won the trials with a speed of 71 km an hour.

Bjorn Dunkerbeck, in Luderizt

Go along for a ride with Bjorn Dunkerbeck on a warm up run down the Luderizt channel in his quest for a speed record.

Antoine Albeau at Speed in Namimbia

On November 21th 2012, Antoine Albeau after smashed the 50 knots barrier several times reached 51 knots, ending with the best performance ever in windsurfing and registering a New Speed World Record : 52.05 knots!!!  Check out his insane speeds in this video.