Luderitz Speed Challenge – Episode 1

Since November 5th, some of the world’s best windsurfers including Antoine Albeau, Björn Dunkerbeck, Anders Bringdal and Patrik Diethelm have descended on Lüderitz in Namibia to participate in the 2012 Lüderitz Speed Challenge. The Luderitz Speed Challenge is a contest of 100% speed windsurfing. For a month a special canal is constructed. This year records have been shattered again and again with extraordinary times, 45.84 knots and Zara Davis (Women) and Antoine Albeau clocked at 52.05 knots!

Anders Bringdal takes you down the Luderitz Speed Channel

Pro windsurfer and sailor Anders Bringdal from Sweden gives you a view of what it’s like to ride with him at over 95 kph down a narrow channel in the Namibian desert.

How to tune a Race Sail for Speed

Ghosts of Speed asked some fast guys how they tune racing sails for speedsurfing.
This clip is a technical extra content for the coming documentary Ghosts of Speed.
You can geta copy of the whole movie here, which is set to come out this December.

Nabisco Slalom and Speed Trials – Fuerteventura – 1986

we throw it back a little old school this afternoon with this video.

The Fuerteventura slalom and speed trials of 1986 at Sotavento was a pinnacle event in breaking the fastest speed previously set by Crossbow. The sailors who broke this speed became known as the Crossbow killers. Sailors of the day were Fred Haywood, Pascal Maka, Eric Beale on the mens side with Patti Whitcomb and Britt Dunkerbeck on the ladies side.
The event was sponsered by Nabisco and organised by Julian Kendall.
The tandem speed was also the most impressive with Greisseman and Bertin hitting just over 35 knots.The forty knot barrier was well insight!!
Thanks to Paddy Paine for making this video and other early Speed Trial Videos.

Behind the Scenes Luderitz Speed 2012

Jurjen van der Noord brings us a a behind the scenes look during 2012s The quest for speed in Namibia Luderitz.

Anders Bringdal 50.46 knots in Luderitz

The Swedish Record Holder Anders Bringdal broke the 50 knots barrier with a run at 50.46 knots and improve the speed world record on production board as well !

This video is a run before record, but still faster than we’ve ever gone!

Antoine Albeau broke the windsurf world speed record : 50.59 knots in Luderitz, Namibia

Today Antoine Albeau broke the windsurf world speed record : 50.59 knots in Luderitz, Namibia. Anders Bringdal and Antoine Albeau exceeded 50 knots with respectively 50.46 and 50.59 knots on a 500 m course in windsurfing.

Luderitz Official Trailer – Countdown

Trailer for the Luderitz Namibia Quest for Speed, which runs for windsurfers from the 5th of November to the 2nd of December. You can find out more at the Luderitz Speed Challange website. Don’t forget to follow here for more updates!

Anders Bringdal – November Speed Training

Anders Bringdal training for Luderitz 2012.

10 seconds

We don’t see to many speed surfing videos, here is a nice one!

What drives a man to invest so much time, money and energy in 10 seconds of euphoria or disappointment? The misunderstood battle with the elements, the internal struggle, the battle with others, 10 seconds … is the story of the man behind the speedsurfer.
At least thats the idea but making the movie besides a daytime job seemed to much. Working out ideas, shooting, editing, find suitable music it consumed so much time and energy that I couldn’t windsurf myself anymore. So I stopped but this is what I have and it deserved its place on the internet for all the guys participating in the movie. Shot on location in January and February at Strand Horst.


This next video made my stomach a bit queasy, and this video comes with a pretty strong warning if accidents or broken bones make you sick. Watch as Benjamin Verdin quest to break the speed record results in the end of his 2012 season. We wish him the best in a quick recovery.

Human vs. UFO

Some great speed sailing action shot two days before Defi Wind 2012 in over 50 knots.

Speed/Slalom Sailing near Pozo Izquierdo

Probably most of you associate Pozo Izquierdo with nuclear winds, waves and unsane jumping… well just five minutes north from Pozo Izquierdo we have a small bay which is protected from the swell and which receives about the same wind we get at Pozo.

A beach perfect for some slalom, speed sailing, freestyle, and for learning.

Here is a video of Juan Enrique enjoying the conditions with some slalom/speed sailing.

GPS world record speedsurfing – Ghosts of Speed

This is a present for the riders, speedsurfing in The Brace the 8th june 2012.  The video has been edited with the footages of the documentary Ghosts of Speed, coming in November 2012.

Follow the project Ghosts of Speed in their Facebook page.

Maui Sails team at the Speed Beach, Maui

The Maui Sails team are out testing their range, enjoy this rough cut of a speed session from the team.