Guy Cribb inducted into UK Windsurfing Hall of Fame

NeilPryde team rider Guy Cribb has been awarded a place in the UK Windsurfing Associations Hall of Fame for “outstanding contribution to windsurfing” and as one of the “greatest windsurfers the UK has produced”. Guy has won 13 British Championships over the years, firstly as Youth champion in the late 80’s, then Mens champ through the early ’90s and even Masters champion in the mid 2000’s.

INtuition Coaching travels all over the world coaching windsurfers of all levels. He briefly returned to the race circuit in 2010 and won Slalom, Raceboard and Long Distance championships outright, proving he’s still got what it takes!

His favourite competitive achievements though have been the two mega long distance battles: the 108 miles in a 50 knot storm from Bournemouth to Brighton and the extraordinary crossing of the English Channel at one of the widest points, from Cherbourg to Poole – 70 miles in a 30 knot storm, with World Champion Antoine Albeau.

Guy is currently busier than ever with his INtuition coaching, attracting guests from all over the world to his courses in Brazil, Australia, Hawaii, Morocco, Texas and Egypt, wave sailing in perfect conditions.

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  1. Waclaw Slowik May 8, 2013 at 10:23 am

    Guy is a great guy )))

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