Koster Wins the Tenerife World Cup

Congragulations to Philip Koster winning the mens division in the 2013 PWA Tenerife World Cup and Daida Moreno on the women’s side.

Philip Koster faced up against Vistor Fernandez in the final for an epic battle. Both riders pulled double forwards, but Koster’s style and a nice stall gave him the edge. Koster just edged Fernandez on the waves as well, managing a 360, taka and nice lip smack on one wave to put him ahead.

Top Four Men

  1. Philip Koster
  2. Victor Fernandez
  3. Alex Mussolini
  4. Ricardo Campello

Women’s Side
It was another intense battle between the two sisters, Iballa and Daida Moreno. Iballa came back to take the first final with some big back loops and nice hits. Daida was yet to loose in the competition so Iballa would have to beat her sister one more time. However int he super final Daida showed a little more in both waves and jumps, winning the PWA Tenerife World Cup.


Top 4 Women

  1. Daida Moreno
  2. Iballa Moreno
  3. Karin Jagii
  4. Steffi Wahl

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