Lancelin Ocean Classic 2013 Event Summary

The Lancelin Ocean Classic has wrapped up its 28th year of competition, the small fishing town of Lancelin.  Hundred and competitors flocked here for 3 days from January 10th to the 13th for the biggest and longest running windsurfing event in Australia.

This years event consited of two events, a wave disipline, and a marathon event.  The marathon event was a downwind course of approximately 25 kilometers.

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Ben Severne Wins the Wave Competition

The elite division of the wave discipline saw some of the best international riders show, and thrilled spectators.  During the heats the top riders landed big stalled Forwards, Backloops and Pushloops as well as some spectacular wave riding. Tenerife resident Adam Lewis from the UK landed 2 amazing double Forward loops.  Everybody on the beach including the crowd and Judges was stoked.

Ben Severne Winner of the 2013 Lancelin Ocean Classic

Ben Severne Winner of the 2013 Lancelin Ocean Classic

The semi final of the elite division Saw Ben Severne sail suberbly to beat Peter Voltwater, and then went on to face Ben Proffitt in the final. The fianl heat was close, but Ben Severne edged out Ben Proffitt to take home the Macquire trophy.

Dan Engdahl just beat Jonah Desforges in the Masters final,  James McCarthy Price beat Peter Tomsett to be the Open champion. In the ladies final we saw two very experienced PWA sailors.  Karin Jaggi, who lives most of the year at Margereth River beat world class freestyler and wavesailor Laure Treboux, who spends most of the winter in Australia.


“We had great conditions, way better than forecast. In the heats I was against Peter Volwater I got lucky and it all came together, that’s as good as it gets. After the long heats when I met Proffitt in the final my energy levels were low, I only had about 20 – 30 minutes worth of energy all I could think of was hanging on so I could get back for a beer.” – Ben Severne

The Marathon

More than 100 sailors took place in the Marathon which began at Ledge Point to Lancelin.  The fleet featured some of the World’s best windsurfers, with the likes of Karin Jaggi, Steve Allen, and Bjorn Dunkerbeck.

The star as seen from Ledge Point

The star as seen from Ledge Point

“People ask why I come back to Lancelin each year, it’s a great event I like to do it, I can mix with international competitors and amateurs alike” – Bjorn Dunkerbeck

In was a really close race between 5 PWA competitiors Peter Volwater, Steve Allen, Bjorn Dunkerbeck, Gunnar Asmussen and Jesper Orth. Winds picked up over the course of the race, and as they came towards the finish line it was close! After a gruelling 25 minutes the winners crossed the line with Steve Allen in 1st place in 24 minutes 48 seconds, Peter Volwater in 2nd place in 25 minutes and Bjorn Dunkerbeck in 3rd place in 25 minutes 30 seconds. 4th was German Gunner Asmussen and 5th was Jesper Orth. In between Steve and Jesper were 75 seconds in the end.

The Marathon winner Steve Allen

The Marathon winner Steve Allen

“It was a tight course, Peter was ahead for the first couple of turns, I passed him before the third but was getting fatigued so lost it back to him until the last turn when I just went for it.” – Steven Allen after the race, and his first time at the Lancelin Ocean Classic

Karin Jaggi was again women’s champion completing the course in 29 minutes 40 seconds, 4 minutes 52 seconds behind the winner. In 2nd place was Justyna Sniady in 38 minutes 18 seconds followed by June Hill in 42 minutes 58 seconds.

In the Male Open, David Vitale took first place in 31minutes 20 seconds followed very closely by Jake Dallimore in 31 minutes 26 seconds and in 3rd place was Aaron Gavin in 31 minutes 54 seconds.

In the Masters competition Matt Langer came in first in 28 minutes 35 seconds, followed by Peter Crommelin in 31 minutes 21 seconds and Adam Passmore was a close 3rd in 31 minutes 54 seconds

In the Grand Masters, John Grulich took first place in 32 minutes 53 seconds, followed by Craig Mann in 35 minutes 13 seconds and Tom Radis followed closely behind in 35 minutes 30 seconds.

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