Moves – The Speed Loop

The forward loop is one of those classic moves that just about everyone wants to crack and everyone is teaching. To find the basics of the move I would suggest checking in on a clinic with a pro-coach (maybe I will do a clinic in the future if there is any demand), you’ll learn plenty about it from how to grow the balls to get yourself back slapping to landing upright. What you will get from this bit of text and video is how to get height out of nothing and how to land with the same speed you went into it.

There are three key factors that you can learn one at a time. When these are combined you’ll find yourself rotating and landing like never before.

Two essential parts to this, you want to be well powered up or to the point of being almost over powered. This way you will help yourself when it comes to the next two parts. For the take-off itself you need a small bit of chop, either coming at you or going away and somewhere between across the wind and a broad reach (a bit off the wind), if we are talking clocks where 12 on the clock is pointing into the wind then you want a ramp that is between 3 and 4.30, ideally 4 is the perfect angle. Quite often if I have the choice (when on wind blown chop) to take off a bit of chop into the wind or head off the wind, I’ll choose the back of the chop that is off the wind, when you do this, you must make sure you are going faster than into the wind.

For the actual technique to the take-off it is simple:

  • Don’t be afraid to pick up speed and GO FAST (it’s not dirt, grass or sand, it’s just water)
  • Hands back (both of them) the back hand to the back of the boom where the clamp is to extend the boom and the front hand (thumb) touching the harness lines. Do this the second before take-off. This is one bit to change if you are still landing on your back despite following all of this. Check the additional tips below.
  • As you push down (as hard as you can) on the back foot for take-off (keep focus on hands though), extend as high as you can with your front hand towards the sky and in the direction of the apparent wind (just upwind a bit from the nose of the board). Don’t apply any pressure to the sail with the back hand by sheeting in yet, just use it to reach even higher, like you are at the bottom part of a pull-up.

This part is simple, really you get this bit right and it’s 70% of the move. To rotate fast you have to…………..

Video and Word by Adam Sims.  You cna check out his website at

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