Note from the editor May 15th

First let me thank everyone who has been reading the posts and the twitter followers. I’ve been having fun posting all the great videos from all the awesome sailors around the world, and even managing to squeeze in a few sessions for myself on the Canadian Prairies. So chances are if I haven’t made a post for the day, I’m probably out windsurfing, and I hope if you aren’t reading this you’re out windsurfing to!

We should be rolling out the layout, including our long awaited logo by the end of the month. You can expect many exciting features. The features we are most excited about are a directory for the whole windsurfing industry, the largest windsurfing glossary, and free classifieds. Another feature specifically targeted tot eh readers is the community which will allow you to share videos, pictures and updates easily with windsurfers around the world.

Lawrence ‘Wind Dude’ Stewart

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