PWA Tenerife World Cup – Day 4, 2013

An epic day as howling winds and big waves bombard the shores of El Medano

The fourth day of the PWA Tenerife World Cup saw the best conditions of the week, with winds between 35 to 42 knots and big waves bombarded the shores of El Medano. The action which followed for the entirety of the day, was nothing short of epic, as the most radical sailors in the world launched themselves into the biggest gravity defying stunts on the planet. After an enthralling eight hours of competition we are now down to the final five sailors in both the men’s and women’s double eliminations, which will be concluded tomorrow.
5 Standing for the Men
Thomas Travers
Ricardo Campello
Victor Fernandez
Alex Mussolini
Philip Koster
5 Standing for the Women
Steffi Wahl
Nayra Alonso
Karin Jaggi
Iballa Moreno
Daida Moreno

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