30 Seconds of Adam Lewis

Adam Lewis celebrated his birthday on February 29th, happy belated, BJ Productions fit in just 30 minutes of filming here are the best 30 seconds.

Technique – Backlooping with Adam Lewis

Backlooping is a key move in your wavesailing arsenal, the rotation is smooth and floaty! Adam Lewis of the Black Team explains step by step how to land nice backloops.

Now get out there and have fun!

The Black Team in Pozo

Point-7’s team, know as The Black Team (Waverider Adam Lewis and Martin Ten Hoeve) head to Pozo for the 2013 Wind & Waves Festival. This year the winds were lacking in Pozo, and a single elimination couldn’t be run, so no PWA results cam from the event this year. Still the Black Team was there see what they got up to during the 6 days of waiting for the competition.

“Actually” with Adam Lewis

Top British wave sailor Adams Lewis tears up  El Medano in February 2013. This is a great clip to watch and produced by Bartek Jankowski of bj-productions.com


Down the line wavesailing as a hurrican hit El Medano, Tenerife on March 4th.  Dany Bruch, Featuring Adam Lewis, Mark Shinn, Mart David, and others

Adams Lewis Joins Diethelm Boards

Adam Lewis, one of UK’s most progressive riders and a rising star has just signed to Patrik Diethelm Boards, leaving his current sponsor Quatro International. He will be riding for Diethelm in time for the PWA Canaries events. He joins the current UK Freestyle Champion, Adam Sims in what looks to be a bit of a next generation UK dream team according to Patrik Diethelm and Karin Jaggi.

“We are stoked to welcome what we believe is one of the most talented and promising young wave riders in our PATRIK team. Adam Lewis stands out on the water with radical action but also represents our values perfectly. He is extremely professional, dedicated to perfection and performance and at the same time very easy to talk to. In combination with Adam Sims promoting and selling our boards in the UK as well as competing himself on the PWA freestyle world cup we truly have a dream team joining our family that has without a doubt a bright future ahead for them and us”. Karin & Patrik.

Check out a video of Check out a video of  Adam Lewis Here

The SOLUTION – Dany Bruch & Adam Lewis

Adam Lewis and Dany Bruch training in Tenerife (Cabezo and Harbour Wall).

Who is Adam Lewis

A short Video about Adam Lewis Point7 rider and wave sail developer from the UK.