Windfoil Backloop

What if you could backloop while your friends are sitting on the beach waiting for the windÉ Check out this windfoil back loop.

Moves – Backloop Eleazar Alonso

A nice backloop from Eleazar Alonso.

Technique – Backlooping with Adam Lewis

Backlooping is a key move in your wavesailing arsenal, the rotation is smooth and floaty! Adam Lewis of the Black Team explains step by step how to land nice backloops.

Now get out there and have fun!

Moves – Backloop by Thomas Bouman

A super slowmo backloop from Thomas Bouwman.

Moves – Backloop by Philip Soltysiak

Philip Soltysiak does a backloop in Jericoacoara.  He’s on a Starboard Flare 91 and Sailworks Revolution 4.6.

Moves – Backloop by Justyna Sniady

A POV backloop from Justyna Sniady.

I’d like to say THANK YOU to my surgeon Piotr Piekarczyk again! I’m really stoked that despite 12 screws in my foot I got back to landing forwards and got quite consistent with my backloops just 6 months after the surgery! I am really excited to be back on the water and despite having another surgery ahead of me I am staying positive about getting my foot back to 100% soon! Thanks to everyone for their support through all the bad times and making my come back possible!:) – Justyna

Slow Mo Backloop from Kauli Seadi

Kauli Seadi captures a slow motion backloop somewhere above Sprecks, Maui on his new Hot Sails Maui Firelight

Moves – Kauli GoPo Backloop

Join Kauli as he soars above the Hawaiian waters, captured with his GoPro and a new harness mount, feel what it is like to be a 3 x World Champion!

Moves – Backloop one hand into backloop

Not so much a move but a sequence of moves, which always helps to impress. Check out Italian rider Federico Infantino, in Tenerife, who does a 1 handed backloop into another backloop.

Moves – Backloop

Martin ten Hoeven Backloop, filmed by Thomas Bouwman. They’ve promised us a few more clips in the coming days, so keep watch.

Moves: Backloop Off the Lip

Ricardo Campello almost nailing a perfect backloop off the lip at Hookipa Beach Park, Maui, Hawaii!