Deja Vu by Bernd Roediger

Bernd Roediger heads to the Marshal Island for a Deja Vu and once again it doesn’t disappoint! Enojy this amazing wavesailing clip.

Bernd and Levi December 2013

Bernd Roediger and Levi Siver enjoying a December swell. These boys can rip and make it look easy, enjoy!

Levi Siver Takes JP Aloha Classic

Levi Siver takes the prestigious Aloha Classic Crown, defeating Bernd Roediger.

Bernd had battled his way back from 3rd in the double elimination knocking out 3 time PWA World Champion Kauli Seadi to face the winner of the sinlge elimination Levi Siver. Winds had lightened after some squals rolled though but waves kept pumping. Levi and Bernd went head to head in epic wavesailing battle. Levi played the smart game knowing he had to be defeated twice, as Bernd layed it all on the line and didn’t hold anything back. Bernd radical attempts were fun to watch but he shot himself in the foot as he just nearly missed them. Levi Siver’s smart sailing gave him the title, as he impressed judges with smooth and powerful wave riding.

Congratulations JP Aloha Classic winner Levi Siver.

1st Levi Siver
2nd Bernd Roediger
3rd Kauli Seadi
4th Morgan Noireaux



The boys from Maui Nerd Productions bring us a sweet video of the JP Aloha Classic Pro men division that took place on the first two days of the contest window.

Bernd Roediger was crowned Champ, read more about it at .

3 Minute Ride

Pacasmayo delivering, just before the American Windsurfing Tour Kicks off there. Check out Bernd Roediger on the endless wave, do your legs hurt yet?

Setting the Stage – Pacasmayo Classic 2013

Here’s a little preview video featuring AWT Rider Bernd Roediger who has already been at the El Faro Resort for a few weeks. He’s got some sick windsurfing action.

The event kicks off on August 25th, and attracts top pro’s and amateurs alike. At only $30 a day you will be housed and fed, thats a deal that can’t be beat. For more details on the event check out and accomidations

The Pacasmayo Classic is AWT sanctioned and a part of the IFCA South American Wave Sailing and Slalom Championships.

For more information about the event, please read the official 2013_IFCA_Slalom_Wave_SA_APW_NoR.doc.

Editors Note:
We’d love to be there, but are schedule and budget is tight this season, hopefully next year!

Marshall Island Windsurfing Exploration

The trip of a lifetime.

Kevin Pritchard had been bugging Keith Teboul about going to the Marshall Islands for some windsurfing and some good times. Finally a message came, “Marshalls are going to be good on Thursday, flight leaves tomorrow, bring your camera, your windsurfer, and plenty of sunscreen. You in?” said Keith.

Well let Kevin’s Story tell the rest:

Excited like a kid on Christmas, I booked my flights, bought some sunscreen and we were off. I think the images speak for themselves. The beauty of the Marshall Islands is amazing. While this video only shows hard core waves, it seems funny to say, but the thought of freeriding around this place had me pretty fired up. I would say this is the most beautiful place I have been on Earth. 4 Million frequent flyer miles, 27 countries, never have I seen a place like it.

Marcilio Browne and Bernd Roediger came along with Keith and I and the trip was a blast. Brawzinho was insane to watch as you will soon see, with some nasty wipeouts. Bernd was even more impressive as he had stayed there for 6 weeks and was really starting to let loose when he was getting barreled by the sea monster and came up with a broken back and some serious time off the water, only allowing us to get a couple clips of him ripping it up.

Keith organizes some amazing trips together with Martin Daly @ It is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The water, the beauty, just incredible. Hope you enjoy the clip.

Enjoy the clip, and the Marshal Islands are a place to add to the bucket list of windsurfing destinations!

Big Ho’okipa Wavesailing

On April 6th EpicSesh captured a big day and one of the best days at Ho’okipa of 2013.   Kauli Seadi, Brawzino, Jason Polakow, Robby Swift, Boujmaa Guilloul, Bernd Roediger and many more shred at Ho’okipa Beach Park in this clip.

Hookipa on fire!

Epic conditions at Ho’okipa on April 6th. Mast and mast and a half high waves hit North Shore of Maui. A lot of the big riders were hunting for wavesd at Jaws, which did turnout as expected, but still saw some action. At that time Ho’okipa was left nearly empty, with only a few guys out. This video captures Ferdinando Loffreda, Morgan Noireaux, Nat Gill and Bernd Roediger.

Kona winds at Lanes

Robby Naish, Josh Stone, Boujmaa Guilloul , Bernd Roediger, Pascal Bronnimann and many more enjoying some Kona Winds at Lanes on Maui Hawaii. Kona’s are a rare event that happens on Maui, when a Cyclone effect the wind direction resulting in large surf, and strong winds.

Air Time

Bernd Roediger scores a huge day at Ho’okipa.  Big waves and wind came in and Bernd was Ready to rip, “[I was] just trying to do these creatures justice with this air.”

Photo Friday – A bit from everywhere

We’ve got a bunch of new pics from the last week, and also some awesome shots we had sitting on our hard drive.


Bernd Roediger; Maui Makani Classic Champion 2012!

1st Bernd Roediger, 2nd Kevin Pritchard, 3rd Marcilio Browne

1st Bernd Roediger, 2nd Kevin Pritchard, 3rd Marcilio Browne

2012 Maui Makani Classic is Over…… What an Incredible Contest!!

What a phenomenal 5 days of contest here at the AWT final tour stop at Ho’okipa Maui! Everyone was in agreement that there hadn’t been a competition like it at Ho’okipa for a very long time. The biggest names in windsurfing from back in the day put up a fierce fight and an epic show against some of the top new names in the sport.
With 120 entrants, from 24 countries, 60 amateur competitors, 20 female sailors and a who’s who in the Professional division, this event was destined from the outset to be a very, very special few days. Combining the incredible entry list with some all-time Ho’okipa conditions with waves in the 12-15 foot region, spectators and competitors alike were treated to a spectacle that I don’t think any of us will be forgetting anytime soon!
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Bernd Wins Maui Makani Classic

The action at the 2012 Maui Makani Classic is in the bag, with 16 year old Bernd Roediger, winning the event! Congrats to him, who battled back defeating first PWA legend Marcilio Browne in the semi final. Then moved onto the final against last years champion and former World Champion Kevin Pritchard in a double elimination.

Awesome good to all the competitors and a big shout out to the AWT who put on an awesome event, and the many announcers who gave everyone at home including myself awesome live coverage.

Check out the Action from day 6 here.

Bernd Roediger at Ho’okipa

Bernd Roediger has been spending lots of time sailing Ho’okipa, he’s looking ready for the finally of the AWT, in Ho’okipa which starts on Thursday! Best of luck to Bernd and all the competitors int he AWT Maui Makani Classic.