Taty frams 2013 – Kuma Movie

The latest freestyle action clip featuring Taty Frans on Bonaire.  Brought to us by Kuma Movie.


Two time PWA Youth Freestyle World Champion Youp Schmit is hard at work training on his home waters of Bonaire, in preparation for the second freestyle event of the season.  He opened with a ninth place finish in Podersdorf, and will be looking for another top 10 finish. Pretty remarkable for an 18 year old.

Check out his latest clip brough to us by Juma Movie.  Watch as Youp delivers, making the moves look effortless.  Landing perfect Culos, Ponches, and pops a shuvit spock while underpowered.   Enjoy!

14 years old Cheppi on Bonaire

There is no doubt Bonaire has created some amazing freestylers at a young age including Taty Frans, Tonky Frans and Kiri Thode. Now the 14 years old, Cheppi is busting out the moves with the big guys, landing lands Spocks, Flakas and Skopus.

Oda Johanne a Quick Clip from Bonaire

Freestyle talent Oda Johanne brings us this short clip from her latest session in Bonaire.

Check out the pictures and Oda’s full report on her website – odajohanne.com

Bonaire Beauty

Dutch freestyle girl Heleen Nuijsers training in Bonaire, in her first self made video.

Bonaire Edit

There is no doubt the Bonaire crew are some of the best freestylers, just look at the results from the recent PWA stop in Austria. Just check out the mad style of them in this sick clip. Featuring Taty Frans, Kiri Thode and more.

Kiri’s Mangrove Session

Kiri Thode goes for a session at Lac Bay, ion Bonaire next to the Mangroves. Big thanks to Amado Vrieswijk, another hotshot from Bonaire who captured the action.

Oda Johanne in Bonaire

The talented female freestyle for Norway Oda Johanne training in beautiful Bonaire.

Severne Freek Session w/ Amado Vrieswijk

The young and talented Dutch born, Bonaire local Amado Vrieswijk (NB 20) shares his latest clip with us. Amado grabs some freestyle training with the new Severne Freek sails at Sorobon, Bonaire.

Amado Vrieswijk NB-20 in Bonaire

Starboard and Severne team rider Amado Vrieswijk (NB-20) releases his first clip.   Here is what he had to say about the clip:

My new Severne Sails have arrived just after Markus Seidel, my camera-man, left Bonaire. This movie shows my last session with the Severne S-1, which was a perfect sail, but now after 2 days training with the Severne Freek I really feel the difference… The Freeks are even better!

Youp Schmit – Bonaire

Check out the epic video with crazy angles, moves and a style of the kid who grew up on Bonaire.

Look Look Look part V

Some freestyle from Bonaire featuring Erik Håkman and Kiri Thode.

Florian Wegerer 2012 Teaser

A short freestyle teaser clip from Bonaire’s Florian Wegerer, who promises the full video will be here soon!

Caesar Finies “Another Day In Paradise” Let’s Go (feat Ne-yo)

After doing all the chores Ceasar Finies decided to reward myself with this awesome session. Filmed at Jibe City Bonaire, Caesar Finies best known for his lightwind freestyle skills.

Trailer: Children of the Wind

Children of the Wind tells the story of young kids from the island of Bonaire who journey from humble beginnings to international fame in the sport of windsurfing, transforming not only their island but the face of the sport worldwide.

Coming in 2012

childrenofthewindmovie.com for more details.