El Medano. Last resort…?

Check out some windsurfing action from one of the Canary Islands, El Medano on Tenerife. Featuring: Alex Mussolini, Dany Bruch, Giacomo Venturini, Nicolas Akgazciyan, Andre Ludewig, Enzo Esposito, Valter Scotto and many more.

Dany Bruch at Home

A clip from Dany Bruch in action at home, showing his new toys from ChallengerSails.

Tiki Documentary: Dany Bruch and the Black Box

Meet Dany Bruch, the man behind the revolutionary Black Box 87.

In this short documentary, Daniel Bruch explains how he came up with the concept for the Black Box and discusses his career on and off the PWA World Tour as well as his involvement with Starboard Windsurfing R&D.

Bruch at El Confital

Dany Bruch charges hard at the breaking barrel on Tenerife know as El Confital, well known to bodyboards as a heavy wave, Bruch charged hard and has some big wipeouts!

Dany Bruch 2014 Severne Blade

Severne Team rider Dany Bruch brings us this wavesailing clip showcasing his 2014 Severne Blade wave sails in action this summer.

Dany Bruch – Training

Check out what Dany Bruch has been up to for the last month in preperation for Pozo and El Medano. Last season he finished 5th overall in the PWA Wave World rankings. This year he has been hard at work both on and off the water, with the help of his personal trainer Nico Gil. There is no doubt Bruch is looking at the top of his game, we’ll see what he pulls off in the coming days as the competition in Pozo begins.

Dany Bruch – EP2: The Black Box

Starboard and Dany Bruch are proud to present the Black Box, this time it’s the real-world conditions revolution!

Dany Brunch at Home

A nice clip of Dany Brunch at home in Tenerife during the early part of 2013.

Red Bull Storm Chase Ireland Hi-Res Gallery

Mission 1 of The Red Bull Storm chase is done! The These six competitors to move on are: Thomas Traversa, Marcilio Browne, Robby Swift, Julien Taboulet, Victor Fernandez and Dany Bruch. You can read the full report here, but it’s all about the insane action. Check out this Hi-Res gallery from Mission 1 of The Red Bull Storm Chase in Brandon Bay Ireladn
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A nice short from Dany Brunch of him having fun in his home conditions in Tenerife.

Dany Bruch This was 2012

Some unseen wave footage from Dany Bruch!

Dany Bruch Lost and found footage…;-)

A few unused clips from from Pozo and WA during 2011 featuring Dany Bruch.

Don’t give up

Philip Koster, Victor Fernandez, Alex Mussolini, Ricardo Campello, Dany Bruch, Thomas Traversa, Kauli Seadi and many others pulling out crazy moves in Cabezo beach, Tenerife! And some guy telling you “Don`t Give Up“… but anyway enjoy the video, maybe turn the sound off and pump your own music.

Dany Bruch. 2013 S-1

Dany Bruch in the wave and getting some air time. All to show off the new Severne S-1.

Dany Bruch on PWA Tenerife

Dany Bruch gives you a short intro about the PWA Tenerife event. More details can be found at www.tenerife-pwa.com.  The event will take place between July 12th and 18th, and conditions have already been going off.   But before that the PWA pro’s are at the PWA Gran Canaria which kicks off on Monday, the forecast is looking awesome.  We’ll be bringing you updates on both events!