Perfect Prasonisi, Reliable Rhodes

Perfect Prasonisi and Reliable Rhodes with Jem Hall on one of his most popular clinics.

This was co filmed and edited by Dan Sweeney during one of Jem Hall’s Reliable Rhodes coaching holidays and it gives you an insight into what his clients get up to, the coaching involved and the joy of Perfect Prasonisi.

If you want to majorly step up your windsurfing game, we recommend checking out one of Jem’s clinics! You can check out more on

Technique: One Handed Top Turn

Jem Hall takes us through front side wave sailing and adds another dimension as he talks you through the technique of the One Handed Top Turn and informs you of why you should be adding this fun move to your skill set .. Focus, Believe and Enjoy!

The Moves That Matter – One Handed Top Turn

Check Jem Halls my new wave riding technique article on the  Boards Mag website, this time he explains the benefits, fun, and how to do a one hand top turn..