Kai Lenny windsurfing this summer on Maui’s North shore. Shot with the Contour ROAM pov waterproof camera.

Kai Lenny for Contour Cameras

Another video of Kai Lenny. From vimeo

Heres a video I shot on Maui with waterman Kai Lenny using the new Contour Roam camera hacked to 60p. I also shot some 7d footage with a consumer lens(75 to 300) to dummy down the image. Kai is the standup paddleboard world champion and he’s like 18 years old. All around he’s an amazing athlete. We didnt really get any swell but he sure did a lot regardless.

Positively Kai : SUP World Tour – Episode 5

All around boss waterman Kai Lenny starts the first stop of the stand up paddleboarding world tour where it’s a fight to stay above water against pros such as Bonga Perkins, Peyo Lizarazu, sean pointer, ciao vaz, and ikaika kalama.

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Kai Lenny on the AWT

2x Stand Up Paddle World Champ talks about Pistol River, the AWT, his thoughts on Levi winning the season opener,and some normal Kai Lenny banter.

The Pistol River Wave bash is set to kick off on June 14th to the 17th! Come down and check out the action!

Kai LENNY OXBOW Waterman Crossing Teaser

‎100 nautical Miles – 3 sports – one name: Kai Lenny.
Stay tuned for the action starting in June.

Kai Lenny Crosses Lake Michigan

In a test of mental fitness and physical stamina against the whims of open water, 19-year-old Red Bull Athlete Kai Lenny made Lake Michigan his next conquest by crossing the lake by wind surfing, starting at Sturgeon Bay, WI and landing in Frankfort, MI, this past Friday, May 18, 2012. Lake Michigan has seen its array of boats, jet skis, swimmers and sailors through the years, but this was the first time anyone has windsurfed from the west to east coast of Lake Michigan, in a seemingly impossible water craft challenge.

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Positively Kai : SUP Pipeline – Episode 4

Professional surfer Kai Lenny flies into Hawaii for the Sunset Beach Pro — The first stand up paddleboard event of the world tour. After getting a call, Kai drives over to Pipeline to meet up with fellow pro Jamie O’ Brien and have the rare opportunity to SUP pipeline.

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Positively Kai : Kai’s motivation – Episode 3

Take a deep look into the life of Kai Lenny as he takes us through a journey through his life and sheds some light on what motivates him as an individual.

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Positively Kai: Riding JAWS – PREMIERE – ep 1

Here is the first episode of 19 year old Kai Lenny’s webisode series.

19-year old Kai Lenny takes all his toys down to JAWS as the conditions become epic. Dropping into a 25 foot+ wave is hectic enough, now add in trying to paddle into one of these beasts and it’s a different story.

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