Girls want To Get Wet – Episode 1

A movie about girls having fun on Maui

Filmed and edited by the girls and their friends 🙂

The girls: Tatiana Howard (USA), Carolina Butrich Schwartzmann (Peru), Sam Bittner (USA), Sarah Hauser (New Caledonia), Sarah Bibby (England), Alice Arutkin (France), Sam Campbell (USA), Kathi Seelack (Austria), Shawna Cropas (USA), Marine Le Guludec (France)

The friends: Casey Hauser (filming), Norman Roediger (water shots), Jake Miller (drone shots, editing and scenario tips), Si Crowther (filming), Kevin Pritchard (filming), Kieran Devanney (filming), Camille & Titoun (interview), Sofie&Paul (the helmet), KarenBe (song from the Haiku jungle)

2014 Proffitts Training Diaries – Maui – Part 2

Mr. Proffitt’s second and last training diary for this season from Maui.

Who wants to see… Crashes, injuries, Doubles, Eagle wings, Naked men, a proper table top, Porno Tack, How to come ashore with out getting your feet wet, more injuries.. broken masts, Robby Naish’s Backside, new move from Ezzy, win tickets to the indoor windsurfing in Poland or a windsurfing sail!! Plus how to ruin your new board straight from the shaping room and how to total a set new carbon fins!
Likes’ and ‘shares’ are always welcome as is a donation to the beer fund?! haha… well worth a try.. it’s thirsty work! :)ell worth a try.. it’s thirsty work! 🙂

2014 Proffitt’s Training Diaries – Maui – Part 1

The Training Diaries are back, this time Ben Proffitt is on Maui.

Just a little update on whats going on in Maui.. i hope to get more on the water action in the next one. but it should give you a little idea of whats been going on 🙂 ..Onshore and rain basically! haha

Kauli Seadi Back in Hawaii Part 3

Part 3: After spending most of 2013 on his boat Kauli Seadi BRA-253 returned to Hawaii in November. He again was blessed with typically great conditions at Sprecks and Ho’okipa. Check it out the third of his video clips…


Naish rider Julien Taboulet takes a family trip to Maui in this full length clip.

Tension Ft. Morgan Noireaux

Morgan Noireaux tearing up Maui and Baja.

Kauli Seadi Back in Hawaii

After spending almost a year on a boat exploring the coast of Brazil Kauli Seadi (BRA-253) returned to Hawaii in November. He again was blessed with typically great conditions at Sprecks and Ho’okipa.

Check it out the first of his new video clips…

Marcilio Browne & Levi Siver 2013/2014

Check out this action packed video featuring Levi and Brawzinho! This latest clip combines their best winter sessions including Lanes and Ho’okipa!

Rafeal de Windt in Maui

Curacao rider Rafael de Windt visits Maui and shows a little style in the rough waters off Maui’s north shore during and unusual Kona wind day.

Camille Juban Hawaii 2013

Camille Juban (2013 AWT Pro Champ) put together some sick footage he had from the AWT final and the PWA event in Maui.

Bernd and Levi December 2013

Bernd Roediger and Levi Siver enjoying a December swell. These boys can rip and make it look easy, enjoy!

Next Step – Gustav Haggstrom 2013

Check out the latest video from Gustav Haggstrom on Maui on Sweden.

This year i took the next step to reach my dreams! In the beginning of the year I got sponsored by RRD and just one week later i went to Maui and did my first ever Photoshoot.
Came third in the national Swedish championships! and i learned much new stuff. I have never had so fun on the water like i did this year.

Maui Moments Ft. Victor Fernandez

Victor Fernandez is fresh off a strong PWA season finishing 3rd in the overall wave rankings. After the Aloha Classic he stayed on Maui for some off season training and fun, check out his clip!

TeamFranceWindsurf in Maui

After 7 years the PWA World Tour came back to Hookipa, MAUI for the final event of the 2013 wave tour.

It was also the final event for the 2013 American Windsurfing Tour, and after placing 3rd in Maui Camille Juban was crowned american champion for the 2nd year in a row. Justin Denel also competed in the american event and ended up with a 21st place.

The rest of TeamFranceWindsurf didn’t get their best results ever in Maui, but they did enough to place themselves really well for the 2013 overall World Ranking: Antoine MARTIN is 12th, Jules Denel is 7th and Thomas Traversa is 4th in the World !

Gun Sails Photoshooting Maui 2014

Enjoy the video from the 2014 GunSails photoshoot on Maui.