This Is what It’s Like to Ride the Longest Waves in the World | Endless Ride, Ep. 3

Third episode of the Juban brothers adventure is here.

Camille and Tom Juban came to Chicama, in the Peruvian desert to beat the Guinness World Record for longest wave ever windsurfed. But before they do that they have to get the right swell, test the cameras, make sure the GPS is running and figure out how the waves at Peru’s (the world’s?) longest point really work. Will it be possible to break the record? Stay tuned for the answer. This Is what It’s Like to Ride the Longest Waves in the World | Endless Ride, Ep. 3

This Is one of the most Amazing Waves in the World | Endless Ride, Ep. 2

The second episode of the Juban brothers Endless ride is here.

After arriving in Chicama, Peru the brothers Juban can’t wait to hop into their wet suits and go for a surf. After a morning session they grab a lunch of the local delicacy, ceviche, which is delicious local fish ‘cooked’ in lime juice. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. In the afternoon the wind comes up so they are back in the water on their windsurfing boards to test the waves and see how likely it is that they will get the magic, world-record-breaking ride at this legendary spot. The potential is there, but will the swell arrive? This Is one of the most Amazing Waves in the World | Endless Ride, Ep. 2


Camile on Tom Juban on an epic mission to set a record for the longest wave ever ridden.

Welcome to Chicama, home to arguably the longest waves in the World. This barelling, sand-bottomed left point break was discovered by an American surfer in 1963 and since then, has been a world-class travel destination for surfers around the world. Camille and Tom Juban are professional windsurfers who have set their sites on the mythical spot to try to break the Guinness World Record for Longest wave ever ridden. Meet the Jubans and the wave of destiny in this episode and stay tuned for one crazy challenge. This Guy Wants to Windsurf the Longest Wave Ever | Endless Ride, Ep. 1

Below The Surface – Teaser Victor in Peru

Another teaser for the upcoming ‘Below the Surface’ movie, with Victor Fernandez in Peru, no action in this clip just scenery… common this is a windsurfing movie isn’t it? Want some action from Peru check out, the AWT Pacasamayo Classic which just wrapper up.

Nothing against ‘Below the Surface’, it will be a great movie, but this clip was more than boring, check out the last teaser with Victor Fernandez in Maui

Camille Juban Sets a World Record!

Camille Juban has set the world record for the longest wave ride ever!

“On Monday 19th August 2013 at 16h24min, Camille JUBAN realise the record of the world of the longest duration surfing a wave – windsurfed with a time of 07min and 03sec on the mythic wave of Chicama Peru.

“The American Windsurf Tour 2012 champion, currently leader of the AWT 2013 and his young brother Tom JUBAN attempt the fight for the GUINESS WORLD RECORD before to participate at the competition Pacasmayo Classic 2013.”

We definitely want to check out Peru now!

AWT Pacasamayo Classic Pro Heats

Watch the action from the AWT Pacasmayo Classic Pro heats, with long head high waves it was another amazing contest eventually won by Camile Juban!

“Dont Let Go” – Peru Special

‘Don’t Let Go’ is a full length documentary featuring Boujmaa Guilloul, Robby Swift, Flo Jung and more, as they travel to ten different countries capturing all aspects of being a pro windsurfer. From travelling to remote destinations, riding the biggest waves, competing on the world tour, suffering serious injuries and fighting hard to come back.

Brought to us in this clip is a sneak peak at the Peru section, and definitely makes us want to check out the full movie!

Full movie now available on itunes:

Setting the Stage – Pacasmayo Classic 2013

Here’s a little preview video featuring AWT Rider Bernd Roediger who has already been at the El Faro Resort for a few weeks. He’s got some sick windsurfing action.

The event kicks off on August 25th, and attracts top pro’s and amateurs alike. At only $30 a day you will be housed and fed, thats a deal that can’t be beat. For more details on the event check out and accomidations

The Pacasmayo Classic is AWT sanctioned and a part of the IFCA South American Wave Sailing and Slalom Championships.

For more information about the event, please read the official 2013_IFCA_Slalom_Wave_SA_APW_NoR.doc.

Editors Note:
We’d love to be there, but are schedule and budget is tight this season, hopefully next year!


Diony Guadaginino travels to Peru for the Pacasmayo Classic and to explore the beautiful coast line, full of endless waves, beaches, and the longest break in the World.

Francisco Goya in Peru

Fransico Goya shares his experience in Peru, from the friendly people to the longest wave in the World. Pacasmayo located on the norther coast of Peru is known for it nostalgic beach feel, warm climate and being home to one of the longest waves in the World. Peruvian Wave is now open, and is the first dedicated travel agency for windsurfers wanting to experience this awesome wave. Peruvian Wave is also home to an Official Goya Test Center.

Find out more at

Mystic Peru Trailer by Diony Guadagnino

Professional windsurfer Diony Guadagnino, changed his career and lifestyle a few year ago. He became more of an adventurer and traveler looking for new challenges not only in Venezuela, his home country, but around the World. He has gone in search of good winds and perfect waves. Diony who is now focused on being a complete waterman and sharing his knowledge and experience with children of low-income populations travels to Peru to explore and play.

Video – 2012 Formula Experience Worlds Championship at Paracas

The 2012 Paracas Worlds took place from Decemeber 17th – 22nd, on the Bay of Paracas, which is located about 250kms South of Lima, Peru.

Congratulations to Paulo Dos Reis (BRA 3333) who takes the title of 2012 Formula Experience World Champion. FE Masters Champion is Marcello Morrone (BRA 3), FE Youth Champion is Gabriel Bastos (BRA 127), FE Women’s Champion is Bruna Mello (BRA 49) and Alessio Botteri (PER 20) is the undisputed FE Junior Champion.

Read additional racing info and check out pictures from the event at the official Formula Experience website here.

Fabrice Beaux in Peru

RRD Team rider Fabrice Beaux goest to Peru to attend the AWT event at to live another great wave riding experience… Once again great adventure delivered from RRD wave Guru!

Final results of the AWT Pacasmayo Classic

Camille Juban wins the AWT Pacasmayo Classic in front of Fabrice Beaux and Alex Vargas.  Continue reading for more detail, the final results and some awesome pictures from the final day.
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Kauli Sedi The Longest Wave in The World

This morning I brought you another video from Peru which you can see here.  That reminded me of another video from Pacasmayo.  In this Video Kauli Sedi visits spots like Lobitos, Baterias, Pacasmayo and Sick Cliffs.  This is definitely a place I want to visit!

The AWT has a stop scheduled for Pacamayo this year.  I will do a travel feature in the coming weeks on this famed spot!  So watch for it, in the meantime enjoy this video as Kauli rides a seemingly endless wave!