Meet Tasada You – Starboard Brand Manager and designer

Meet Starboard Windsurfing’s Brand Manager Tiesda You, in this series of Starboard’s Tiki Documentary. Starboard has even called him, the “Golden Child”. Tiesda has been designing boards since 2000, including the famous Carve, the first Kodes and now the Atom IQ!

Starboard 2014

Starboard is no doubt one of the leading brands in the industry, with riders like Philip Koster, Dany Bruch, Boujmaa Guilo, KevinPritchard and many many more. So what does trhat mean for you other then some of the best boards on the market? It means some of this action in the 2014 Starboard Flagship DVD! Enjoy!

Tiki Documentary: Nimit

Meet the shaper at Starboard.  Shaping since 1988 and part of the Tiki family since 1997, Nimit Promjan has produced countless number of boards of all shapes and sizes, including your favorite Starboard. Meet our first shaper.

Starboard 2014 Kode Action Video

Also known as the “Köster Kode”, the 2014 Kode Wave is faster, lighter and more durable for the aerial-style next generation. Let Philip and Boujmaa show you.

More on the Kode

Starboard 2014 NuEvo Action Video

In collaboration with James Hooper and NUDE Customs, Starboard is proud to present the second generation of NuEvos, with an even bigger range to suit all riders.

More on the NuEvo

2013 Starboard Phantom 295 Action Video

Check out the 2013 Starboard Phantom 295, perfect for those into longboard course racing or a great cruiser at the cottage or lake.

2013 Starboard Movie

Check out the best from Starboard in there 2013 Movie, from the epicenter of windsurfing, Maui. Featuring The Starboard Dreamteam including current PWA Wave World Champion Philip Koster, Kevin Pritchard, Scott McKercher, Timo Mullen, Chris Muzza Murray, Conner Baxter, Iballa Ruanno Moreno, freestylers, Taty Frans and Kiri Thode. This video features some of the best wavesailing, slalom and freestyle action, so definitely check it out. The slalom / racers included also from the Dreamteam are Cyril Moussilmani, Alice Arutkin and Arthur Arutkin.

Zane Schweitzer: Black Box 2013

Starboard Windsurf Team Rider Zane Schweitzer tests out his brand new 2013 “Black Box” Board! First session on it and he is already busting huge flips and getting caught nervously close to the rocks!

Roberto “Clinic” Hofmann joins Starboard

Roberto Hofmann is a strong voice for windsurfing, teaching hundreds of new and upcoming talens each year, but also commenting to the hundreds of thousands of fans as he hits the road with the PWA every year.  He competed on the Professional Windsurfing Tour between 1990 and 1995, so racings in his DNA, and in 2012 won several important races in Italy and the IFCA Slalom Worldchampionship in the G-Master category.

Read more about Roberto over on

Black Box First Prototype

This is the first footage of the first prototype from Starboard that worked amazingly well for Dany Bruch. It is his “dream board” creation project for light winds and mushy waves, based on existing real surfboards.

After this video some more prototypes were build to have all details worked out in perfection and to be added to the final master board. The “Black Box” is now in production, has been added to the 2014 Starboard board range and will be in the shops by mid 2013.

A clip with production board Nº 00001 and more details will be coming soon.

Starboard AROUND: Latvia

Eastern Europe is pretty big on Formula. Check out this clip where Starboard heads to Latvia with Omanbriedis
Ricards to check out Formula.

Kings Cup Day 1

The third Phantom 295 event this year is well under way.  More than 19 countries, 40 charter sets, sun, beaches, wind and some of the best youth racers
worldwide are in Phuket, Thailand for the Kings Cup.  Check out the video from Day 1 which had practice races and registration!

Tiki Documentary 7 of 8 – Carbon or Wood? Custom or Production?

Developed by Jean Louis Colmas in 1984, Wood Technology became Starboard’s trademark construction since 1995. A sheet of 0.6 mm Australian plantation pine wood forms the full outer shell of the board. Wood’s unique properties are its natural rigidity, superior resistance to compression and higher energy absorption compared to carbon. The advantages of wood in a board are rigid flex and more impact resistant than Carbon. In choppy conditions a Wood board is maybe more forgiving than a carbon construction. The Carbon construction has advantages on the light wind racing models or bigger wave boards where the key criteria are acceleration efficiency, weight and maximum hull stiffness (slalom, speed). Starboard offers the wood technology on almost all models (wave boards, free ride boards and Slalom boards). During the last years also other companies, like JP, Fanatic or Tabou have discovered the wood technology but offer it only for selected models and mostly for beginners or advanced sailors.

Tiki Documentary WindSUP

Another Tiki documentary from Starboard, this time the ever growing segment of WindSUP.

Tiki Documentary – James Hooper and the NuEvo

Starboard brings us a new Tiki Documentary, this time featuring the James Hooper and the NuEvo. Not our favorite, to much talking head instead of action.