Green Grass of Home

Timo Mullen brings usthis quick clip of his session at home in the UK during May.

Its been a good end to the Spring here in the UK but it looks like summer is about to kill our fun, time to jump on a plane i guess! ~ Timo

Magheroarty Classic 2013

Check out some epic action from the 2013 Magheroarty Classic, the legendary event takes place every September on the North West Coast of Ireland.

If you are looking for a place to wavesail in europe in September, Ireland is a perfect choice with long days, warm water and heaps of waves hitting Irish west coast.

Here is a story of an Magheroarty Classic event that took place September 2013 and will continue 6/7 September 2014 with rollover option for 21/22 of September.

A bit different video then most of the clips you will see on C7 but we hope you gonna like it and visit Ireland for some party and Guinness this year!

Top 10 in the Gold Feet
1 Timo Mullen
2 Rob Jones
3 Alex Dugan
4 Ryan O’Leary
5 Oisin van Gelderen
6 Rob Creane
7 Dan Gardner
7 Dan Kealy
8 William Revels
8 Cormack O’Brien
9 Katie McAnena
9 Mark Killeen
10 Dave Garvey
10 Tom Lotocki
10 Niall Mellon
10 Martin Roe
10 Jonny Price

Outer Hebrides

This spring Jamie Hancock travelled with Ross Williams, Jack Hunt and Timo Mullen to the Isle of Lewis in the Scottish outer hebrides.

In Spring this year I travelled with Ross, Jack and Timo to the Isle of Lewis in the Scottish outer hebrides. We camped, it was cold, and the sailing was tricky. The swell was too big for the bay forecasting 22 -25 foot, providing some pretty gnarly rips and closeout sets. We also had nobody to film so amongst the sleeping bags and campfires I did my best to get the camera out and capture most of the trip. Fortunately Jack filmed me on the final day for 30 minutes or so which luckily turned out to be the best 30 minutes of the trip.

The surreal part of the trip was when the BBC came to interview us for BBC Scotland. We had just come in from sailing as the wind had unfortunately dropped. Then on the journey home in the lounge of the Ferry it went out live on the TV. We were temporarily mega stars! (in the lounge on the Calmac ferry)


Timo Mullen on Magheroarty

Irish wavesailor Timo Mullen has been wavesailing at his favourite spot in North West Ireland. he released this awesome action clip, and had this to say, “September has been pretty epic with wind and waves nearly every day, Magheroarty is the main spot, most of the action is shot on the reef and beachbreak.”

Enjoy the clip!

Jurassic Park

Jamie Hancock put this amazing clip together featuring himself, Timo Mullen and Jack Hunt on the South Coast of England.

The south of England is famous for its ‘Jurassic Coast.’ It stretches for over 90 miles consisting of stunning coastline. Kimmeridge picks up some of the most swell for the south coast and makes for an amazing playground for both windsurfing and surfing. It also has the benefit that no kitesurfers can come ruin everyone’s days there with the rugged coastline.

This was filmed over 3 separate days and really is one of my favourite spots in the UK, and the closest reef break to my home. The last day had easterly winds with a windchill of about 2-3 degrees, fresh off the plane from South Africa I foolishly opted for no gloves or boots resulting in what felt like 2 blocks of ice for feet and the most insane hot hands to date. Still, perfect waves and well worth it.

Filmed: Rebecca Ashton
Location: Dorset, England
Date: 2012 / Easter Weekend 2013
Artist: The Drums
Track: ‘Days’
Edited: Jamie Hancock

Supertubes Fail

Jamie Hancock and Timo Mullen had a session at Supertubes in Kimmeridge and give you a lesson on how not to share a wave. Although they do spend awhile taking turns smacking the lip down the line, a little error makes for a bit of a fail. We agree, so check out this clip.