Magheroarty Classic 2013

Check out some epic action from the 2013 Magheroarty Classic, the legendary event takes place every September on the North West Coast of Ireland.

If you are looking for a place to wavesail in europe in September, Ireland is a perfect choice with long days, warm water and heaps of waves hitting Irish west coast.

Here is a story of an Magheroarty Classic event that took place September 2013 and will continue 6/7 September 2014 with rollover option for 21/22 of September.

A bit different video then most of the clips you will see on C7 but we hope you gonna like it and visit Ireland for some party and Guinness this year!

Top 10 in the Gold Feet
1 Timo Mullen
2 Rob Jones
3 Alex Dugan
4 Ryan O’Leary
5 Oisin van Gelderen
6 Rob Creane
7 Dan Gardner
7 Dan Kealy
8 William Revels
8 Cormack O’Brien
9 Katie McAnena
9 Mark Killeen
10 Dave Garvey
10 Tom Lotocki
10 Niall Mellon
10 Martin Roe
10 Jonny Price

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